Guerrilla Games seeking testers in the Netherlands for its new IP

Ready Killzone 4?

With the debut of the next generation of consoles, are becoming more interesting news that revolve around it. Today Guerrilla Games, a software house first-party Sony has published a call for testers for their next IP start date to April 2013.

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j-blaze1929d ago ShowReplies(5)
Gamer391929d ago

Killzone 4 for ps4?
I ready, sure.

Gamer391929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Look, the question is "Ready Killzone 4?" My answer, yes i ready.
Ok, it is a new IP GG. But KZ4 not coming ps4? I can wait new KZ next-gen.

Y_51501928d ago

Perhaps but a little after KZ3 released GG was thinking on how to continue the story. So they started developing the new Killzone after 3 released. But that doesn't mean KZ4 is for sure coming. It could have turned into what Mercenaries is now or they gave up and started n a new IP!

redDevil871929d ago

How you came to that conclusion after reading the title, i have no idea lol

Gamer391929d ago

Yes i know it is a new IP.
But question:

"Ready Killzone 4? " I say yes.

Zichu1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


It's not asking if you are ready for Killzone 4. It's asking if Killzone 4 is ready...

Bathyj1929d ago

new IP?

I dont know how I feel about this.

LNDCalling1928d ago

Intrigued is a good place to start, that's what I am.

New IP's are the life source of the gaming industry, we can't just live off sequels forever (even if they are good).

mayberry1929d ago

A new ip from these guys is one of my highly anticipated titles! Killzone is BOSS!

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The story is too old to be commented.