Dead Space 3′s Microtransactions Exploited Away Already

Here’s what’s great about reality: people are great at breaking stupid stuff. So as Dead Space 3 launched yesterday in the Americas, people smarter than I had already figured out a glitch in the game to acquire all the items EA had hoped you’d pay for. Game Front have posted a video explaining how, which I’ve diligently included below.

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adorie1932d ago

He's doing it too slow, all you need to do is open the door, run backwards, let the door close and lock, then open it again, no need to even step through the door. Do this as many times as you can before your temprature goes low, then when you feel the need to get your temps up, run inside and grabb all the items at once.

Faster that way.

egidem1932d ago

I believe there was a similar glitch with endless credits/money and power nodes in the first Dead Space game as well? I don't remember how or where it's done but the exploit is there.

Not sure about dead space 2 though.

adorie1932d ago

Haven't played the first in forever, but the 2nd one, I think there is a few places where you can do something similar to this, but it requires saving and reloading the save after you get the items.

Revolver_X_1932d ago

This isnt really a glitch. There are tons of areas where resources respawn. They may not have intended for it to respawn so quickly, but chests and everything respawn, especially in the derelict ship areas. Resources are way too easy to get legitimately. So to call this a glitch, and then use micros as glorification. The youtuber is another sad EA rager. DS3 is a great game and micros are not needed at all. 6 hours in you can be beast if you search everywhere.

ThanatosDMC1931d ago

Bet EA is gonna patch this up so they can get $$$.

cleft51932d ago

Anyone doing this exploit wasn't going to pay for micro-transactions anyway so it's not really a big deal. The people who will pay are still going to pay. This whole system is in place for people that lack the time or patience to grind away and collect "currency" to get the better weapons. Those same people will lack the patience or time to do this exploit, that will be patched very soon, so not really a big deal.

Roccetarius1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I'm actually laughing my ass off, because the exploits go around the microtransactions.

Also, this can't really be patched, unless they put in Save Stations. The Xbox can easily remove this update, but i'm not sure about the PS3.

trenso11932d ago

yea just dont update or remove the game data to delete the patch simple :)

Jadedz1932d ago

I can only imagine what next-gen will be like, from the likes of them (EA sports - it isn't in the game).

InTheLab1932d ago

Out of time outs? Press X to buy more...

IcicleTrepan1932d ago

The real issue is that there are three DLC for your scavenger bots - all 400 MS points each. They are unlock codes for content that's already on the disc. Also - one of these DLC is nothing more than 'adding more capacity' to your scavenger bots - meaning that they just allowed 6 or 7 numbers to go higher than previously allowed. That would take what, 5 minutes of actual programming work to do. What a ripoff. Fuck you EA for trying to scam us with this bullshit.

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