OUYA Online Store Gets First Game

The OUYA online store is live and gets its very first game.

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modesign1928d ago

good news for the 1 person that got a ouya. lol

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ziggurcat1928d ago

won't matter, people will hack the ouya to death, and figure out a way to steal games from the store, thus destroying any dev support for the system.

Brash_Attack1928d ago

Well, the OUYA is designed to be able to hack. And with Android phones, you don't even have to jailbreak/root the phone in order to download games/apps for free yet people still pay for things and the devs do fine.

I don't see piracy being much more of a problem on the OUYA than on a PC or phone.

opinska1928d ago

this ouya bs is dead on arrival... now lets wait for the real deal (Xbox 702/ PS4)