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Submitted by ChaosKnight 1094d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Probably Not Giving Next-Gen Console War to Sony

Hardcore Gamer: Online-only functionality and registration keys are idiotic in its own right, but combining them into a giant soggy mass of utter failure would be the equivalent of Microsoft deciding that Sony and Nintendo really do deserve far more marketshare than they'd otherwise have if a more competent competitor wasn't trying so desperately to blow its brains out. (Microsoft, Next-Gen)

aceitman  +   1094d ago
if ms doesn't test the xbox 720 real good and come out like the 360 with the red ring of death,with sony coming out 1st they will from that hear me out ms test,test,test, I will not buy a xbox 720 until I see if it is not having problems.and when I buy one when it dies u die with it, and it will be the last thing I buy from you. and to the disagrees I went thru 8 red rings of death five mine 3 of my sons. one ps3 and that lasted me 7 years.
007Bond  +   1094d ago
As a MAJOR Xbox fan I agree with you this hardware failure is unacceptable especially for the price of 1 console alone.
BanBrother  +   1094d ago
How many 360's have you bought?

I don't plan on getting a 360 day one for many reasons, but a big reason would be that I want to hear about the hardware first. Lucky I didn't buy a launch 360, although the 'newer' model I bought got the RROD (the falcon chip model).
fr0sty  +   1094d ago
We also said that MS would never commit suicide by abandoning a focus on exclusive core titles in favor of casual motion titles.

Look how that worked out. Not saying they'd do the whole always online/no used games thing, but I wouldn't put it past them either.
FamilyGuy  +   1094d ago

People won't be buying the next xbox if they cant share and trade in their games.

People won't need the ability to share their games since none of their friends will have the next xbox anyway because they won't buy one sense they'll know they cant share or trade in their games.
RememberThe357  +   1094d ago
I trust Edge over the authors gut.

This is stupid from the perspective of a gamer, as we wont be buying their games. But what if gamers aren't really what they're going after here? If they have focus grouped the audience they want to pull and seen that they don't care about these things, they might be fine shedding the gamer and grabbing the casuals.

I half don't believe it either, but at this point it's he said she said, and Edge has a bit more credibility.
Bathyj  +   1094d ago
I dont think this is going to happen.

People need to stop reacting to every rumour like its a forgone conclusion.
delboy  +   1094d ago
Say that to gamestop who's bleeding money because of rumors.
Whoever started that rumor will sleep with fishes if it turns out that it was just a rumor.
noobfromindia  +   1094d ago
gamestop, amazon : xbox 720 -> now shipping broken

399$ only, additional 100$ for replacement, and only 50 more dollars for additional 5 day warranty.

* in no way is amazon or gamestop responsible for fire / death/ mad seizure if your xbox stops working or blows up in your face.

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black911  +   1094d ago
A large Majority of 360 sales came from idiots repurchasing 360 consoles after they got the RROD. What will Microsoft Do next gen without Hardware Failure issues?
alb1899  +   1094d ago
A broken product cant be good for a technology company like Microsoft. Microsoft did lose a lot of money replacing this units so i don't think so.
I can say that a lot of Ps3 sales comes from people who wants to buy a cheap blueray with some functionalities too....which is stupid too.
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Coltrane_C  +   1094d ago
Been Say that for years... people never take that into affect...My buddy bought 4 xboxs because of RROD
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1094d ago
The first Xbox was durable and had a lot of new IPs. Too bad the second one ended up feeling cheaply made (constantly breaking down) and hardly having any new IPs.
Blank  +   1094d ago
Man all this next gen stuff is ruffling feathers but what is good to do in these situations is to wait for official anouncements for each respective company im tired of these journalist (read:bloggers) mention stuff like "next gen console wars" or who will be on top because at the tip end I thought sony was indestructible in the gaming market then again I was wayyy young and unaware of companies leading the market the next day with a random innovation with mass appeal that sells boatloads so in short these console "wars" is media BS /end rant
TreeFiddy  +   1094d ago
The only reason the hardware had problems before wasn't technically all due to poor testing. For as long as they tested it, it probably worked just fine they just need to stop using very cheap parts this time around. I know they learned their lesson.

For a PC user who won't take no for an answer from any machine, I easily found out why the red ring of death happened on literally almost every single Xbox 360 during it's release years.

If you took it apart, you could tell right off the bat why. They had used these really crappy almost tin like heat sinks that were too small and not efficient enough to keep the soldering cool enough on the CPU. After long usage which many Xbox 360 people played theirs heavily at first the soldering for the CPU would melt again, causing the CPU to start losing connection to the actual motherboard.

Once that happened you got the red ring of death, you could remedy the problem buy putting in a better heat sink which I did or you could ghetto rig it and just put some book on top of the 360, it would push the loose CPU back into place but it wasn't the best method to fixing it but it worked.

I also used to take the Xbox 360 insides apart and replace it with a newer models I just bought, so mainly just keeping the same Xbox 360 case then return the broken parts to the store to let microsoft deal with their stupidity of putting in poor quality heat sinks into their system.

Bestbuy was horrible, my friends would pay me to replace their Xbox's with new ones after seeing the insides of so many Xbox 360's for years finally I noticed they upgraded the heat sink big time. The newer Xbox 360's have better heat sinks and ever since I saw those models being sold they have worked fine since but I already knew that was the damn problem.

I made a killing off it I won't lie. I charged like $50 to $100 bucks cause I could've got into trouble if Bestbuy ever figured out I was switching broken ones with new ones lol.

Bottom line it did suck though I dealt with so many people giving me their Xbox 360's to fix or just replace for like the first 2 years.

Hopefully they don't make the same mistake twice. I think they learned, it shows with their new heat sinks.
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StrongMan  +   1094d ago
On top of the fact that MS lost the hardcore most people will think twice about buying an Xbox 720 at launch because the Xbox 360s were faulty from the start and MS knew and still sold them anyway. That will come back to haunt MS for sure. The new Xbox has to come with at least a 4 or 5 year warranty for people to feel comfortable buying it.
iNathan  +   1094d ago
MS lost the hardcore?
Since when ? they didnt lost anything, they just have milions of casuals, doesnt mean they dont have another sh**load milions of hardcore gamers.

Last time i checked there were 150k people on Halo 4 and over 600k no Black Ops 2 PlayLists at one single time alone.

Most Hardcore games sell milions on 360 and producers are afraid as f*** to leave the brand

Again tell me when did they lost the Hardcore ?
GraveLord  +   1093d ago
I'm sure Microsoft has their reasons for blocking used games and always-on online. They probably expect most Xbox 360 owners to upgrade to XBox 720 just like Sony expect the same from PS2 to PS3.

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