God of War: The Original Versions of Kratos Were Very Different

Premier Gaming Network - Before he became a God he was a man, and before that he was nothing but an idea sketched out on paper. Today some brand-new concept art of the original Kratos released via Rise of the Warrior Challenges, all of them looking completely different from the final version.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1899d ago

im pretty sure every god of war fan knows this by now especially if youve beaten the first game, though ill admit ive never seen the last pic of alpha kratos, he looks like a guitar hero character.

Ezz20131899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

that pic is badass

Nitrowolf21899d ago

It looks like the Outcast from Starhawk, a title that Santa Monica helped on. Pretty sure it is!

rpd1231899d ago

Reminds me of Darth Maul.

0ut1awed1898d ago

I think the God of Funk picture with the fro in the article pic is the best.

Darrius Cole1898d ago

None of the pictures from your link or from the article link are as good as the afro pic in the corner.

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LackTrue4K1899d ago

ya, that last one (blue eyes, skull painted on face)
is one of the skins in Starhawk.
over all, i think the original is the best, would not change a thing on him.

IAmLee1899d ago


adorie1899d ago

Can we play with Afro Kratos, please? Sony Santa Monica? Come onnnnnn!

TheGamerDood1899d ago

He actually looks good with a fro.

RTheRebel1899d ago

lol hope they put that in gow ascension

ravinash1899d ago

If you could unlock the Afro when you complete the game, that would make me play it twice just for that!

dalibor1898d ago

That would be a great incentive to beat it multiple times. Plus make it where you could use that online. I want to see Kratos with snakes as hair similar to Medusa. That might be to much it could look crazy if done right though.

Y_51501899d ago

Kratos's disco party, March 12th people!

Reverent1899d ago

Yeah... I see zero point to this article. Talk about old news :/

chukamachine1899d ago

Don't like any of them. The original they went with is sweet.

LightSamus1899d ago

This one reminds of an early Guitar Hero character.

BanBrother1899d ago

The second last one looked pretty cool, the braid type things. But yeah, that one totally looks like a Guitar Hero guy. F***in generic as home-brand toilet paper.

Glad they went with what we are used to now. Either that or the 2nd last pic.

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The story is too old to be commented.