Aliens: Colonial Marines "Bug Hunt", AKA Horde Mode Confirmed With Date and Price

Premier Gaming Network - Aliens: Colonial marines is just one week away from launch. Now if you've been following the game, then you'll know that for the final shipped product, the game will not have a horde mode like many have expected. Today, it's been confirmed along with the release date and pricing.

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Myst1902d ago

Yay! I love games that have this.

Timesplitter141902d ago

Ever since Starship Troopers I've always had a soft spot for this kind of game mode

ShinMaster1901d ago

The survival concept isn't new. Don't know why the media and noob gamers keep calling everything "horde mode".

Bathyj1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

dlc that should be part of the game?

@ shin
cos GeoW invented horde mode just like it invented cover systems.

FlyingFoxy1902d ago

DLC already? sad, back in the old days you paid for a whole game and got it.. and the add-ons were free by downloading a patch.

I hope it's free on PC.

ThanatosDMC1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

So what's the difference between this and Survival mode? Sucks that it's dlc.

Wtf? $15 dlc?!

rdgneoz31901d ago

That was the first thing I noticed, the $15 price tag... Was hoping lower, seeing as Borderlands DLC has been around $10 and they usually included a decent chunk of content to play around with.

ThanatosDMC1901d ago

If it's $15, this better be worth a quarter of a full game. I hate dlcs that supposedly adds modes to a game. I feel like it should have been included in the disk but the publishers or whoever decided to cut it out just to make more money.

The other thing i saw during the live stream session with IGN is the limited amount of multiplayer maps. Chances are they're going to sell those for DLC too.

WeskerChildReborned1901d ago

Yea it better come with an Infestation mode like from AVP :P.

HarryMasonHerpderp1901d ago

Dead Space 3 and now Aliens Colonial Marines.
Two games I was going to buy and now wont be because of DLC BS.

RuperttheBear1901d ago

DLC is the bane of this generation.

isa_scout1901d ago

Still, it looks like an awesome game. I've been waiting a long time for a proper Aliens game(AVP doesn't count) It's cool that they got Lance Henriksen and Beihn to reprise their roles as well. 4 player co-op campaign is nice as well. I don't like them announcing DLC before the game has even shipped, but lets be serious for a moment, if we didn't buy games that had DLC or season passes announced before the game then we wouldn't buy any game.

Elite-uk1901d ago

That's not true, there have been 6 generations(not including wii u) before now, all without dlc.... so that argument is null & void.

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