Nikkei: PS4 to utilize Gaikai, have expanded social features

Another PlayStation 4 report is in from Nikkei.

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a_bro1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

And...Here we go...

"According to the Japanese outlet, the network function of PlayStation 4 will be expanded, including a new social feature where you can exchange opinions among your friends while playing games."

this sounds similar to the whole miiverse thing, which i believed is a pretty cool idea from nintendo.

Abash1769d ago

Well did anyone *not* expect it to be on the PS4? I mean, they spent $380 million for a reason...

jujubee881769d ago

And it WILL be cloud gaming related.

I do not know how this article coined things, but I am 99.999% certain I know what Gaikai will be like when they announce what SCE have been doing with it since their purchase.

Ezz20131769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

hold the phone, this article is telling me they are using Gaikai(which they bought for 380$ million) with ps4....OMG!! i didn't see that coming /s

Kevin ButIer1769d ago

Gaikai combined with PS+... nice

TheGamerDood1769d ago

@Kevin ButIer

"Gaikai combined with PS+... nice"

Would be amazing.

showtimefolks1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

$almost 400 million spent so better believe that cloud gaming will be a big part of pa4. I know it maybe difficult but i am really hopeful ps4 will be BC with ps3 games. I am not asking for PS1-2 just be BC with ps3 games please

i know ps4 won't be using cell so it might be hard but i know sony can figure out a way


nintendo doesn't always invent stuff but some of you nintendo fanboys are so blind to that its not even funny,

NukaCola1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


This is on the Vita with near. It is a social app that connects gamers around the area. Also integrated into your friends activities are the ability to like and comment on such ingame achievements and milestones and of course trophies and what not. I like the social side of it. Social Networking can be done right without privacy invasion or posting everything to Facebook. Should have an inhouse gaming community. I expect LIVE to step it up next gen as well.


The Vita is a hub of the social PS gaming community and reflects a great deal on where Sony is taking the PS4. It's very welcoming and positive in my opinion. It's all done very well.

The Great Melon1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


If anything I would say the PS4 would more likely have PS1 and PS2 backwards compatibility rather than PS3 backwards compatibility just because of the hardware. Anything can run a PS1 emulator nowadays and it's not a stretch to think that PS2 emulator would be difficult given the power of current computers. Heck, I one on my computer and it runs great.

The PS3 backwards compatibility is the thing that would cost the most just because it would actually require hardware rather than software to achieve. However there might be hope if you believe some of the rumors circulating. One rumor, though originating from neogaf, had stated that the cell would be present somewhere in the hardware.

Now would they allow disc compatibility? I don't know given their increasing enthusiasm with stream gaming and digital downloads, but I hope they would consider it as they have had a fairly good history with providing backwards compatibility options.

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-Mika-1769d ago

Ya, I would love something like miiverse. That the only good thing that came out of the WiiU.

-Alpha1769d ago

Doesn't VITA do something like this?

Qrphe1769d ago

This was to be expected. The whole "network" thing has been hot for a while. You can clearly tell on how they added it to the Vita in the first place.

one2thr1769d ago

Sounds somewhat similar to something that they have established within "Near", which happens to be a feature on the PS Vita...

miyamoto1769d ago

I read somewhere on Twitter that PlayStation Home will be integrated with PSN.

JoGam1769d ago

I hope so. In fact Home may come out of Beta officially with the PS4..

r211769d ago

Looks like that share button and DS4 could be real.

aceitman1769d ago

I think something made in Japan , has stronger credibility about a rumor than somewhere else so hopefully it's true.

AdmiralSnake1769d ago

What ? This sounds like Sony will be launching Playstation home fully next gen and enhance the social features into their games 100%

Mounce1769d ago

Nintendo invented everything, didn't they?

The universe also copied Miiverse, shhhh...

Fucking Nintendo shoulda copyrighted dat Miiverse.

Thatguy-3101769d ago

Ummm haven't you seen the near feature in the ps vita?

GraveLord1768d ago

Sony did this first. Ever heard of Playstation Home? Miiverse is basically a simplified version of this, without all the walking around.

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MultiConsoleGamer1769d ago

They're going to use Gakkai? You don't say... I thought they paid $350 million for nothing.

It's going to have expanded social media? You mean like every other console on the market. You don't say...

DivineAssault 1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

its expected to have a broader version of miiverse on next gen.. all that ram & functionality aint for nothing & they obviously see people love facebook so i wouldnt doubt it.. PS home didnt cut it so im sure u will get pictures of yourself with the ps eye & link it to your PSN ID with profiles, trophies, etc & chat with people in different rooms about different games.. Thought nintendo came up with miiverse huh? NO its nintendo facebook thats censored.. Nintendo wii u is going to look like an ancient relic when PS4 hits the market.. Once again making it a go to system for exclusives u grew up with only.. I have to play the newest metroids n zeldas but i wont use that system for anything else

remanutd551769d ago

Yea of course they are going to use Gaikai on the ps4 but i want Gaikai on the vita as well.

SmokexFFx1769d ago

I'd go as far as to say they should put Gaikai on the PS3, in terms of tech I don't see why the PS3 couldn't stream PS4 games.

I don't know if allowing it would be beneficial however, I mean sure there would be 70+ million potential buyers of PS4 games, but it would also make people not want to buy the PS4 itself.

Ripsta7th1768d ago

Yeah its a cool idea, except they shouldnt have retail PS4 games available just arcade games that way it wont lower sales, and selllmore arcade games for Sony. You werent being a brat btw

GribbleGrunger1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Demos of PS4 games are a possibility but, like I said in a previous conversation about this very thing, they won't offer full PS4 games. They have to have a reason to sell the PS4. If I were Sony I would offer full BC for PS2 and PS1 games Via Gaikai for the PS3, and full BC for the PS4 with PS3, PS2 and PS1. They may even hold back on the PS2 and PS1 BC for the PS4 in order to maintain momentum for the PS3, but it's likely to introduced eventually.

SmokexFFx1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

I may be wrong but I believe the PS3 and now the Wii-U were/are being sold at a loss because they made their money on the software. If this would be the case with the PS4, making the PS3 capable of streaming PS4 games, would allow Sony to make money on PS4 software from the current PS3 install base, without having to sell their console at a loss.

GribbleGrunger1769d ago

That used to be the case but Sony are now in profit with the PS3. Nintendo are losing money with the Wiiu though ... how much, no one can be certain.

lovegames7181769d ago

You guys really give credit where it isnt do. First of all although diff. miiverse is a distortion of ps home. Miiverse copied off of home no matter the diff. the concept of gamers coming together in one area to mingle and share thoughts started in home. Also seeing what others were plying via home and near. Nintendo been copying for awhile now even trying to be a media hub like ps3. Shame on you ps3 faithfulls for not seeing tht lol

Like i said in another post ps4 along with gakai will revolutionise

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