Wii Street U launch trailer, footage

Take a look at a trailer and footage from Wii Street U.

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neogeo1686d ago

Google maps.. but with some enhancements. not bad.

aceitman1686d ago

they pushed that back to may 31st, it was supposed to come out march.

BullyMangler1686d ago

dude what the fuhh . he just zoomed in on that airplane wing!, like all the way! AND THERE WAS NO DISTORTION OF PIXALIDGE ?? . this whichcraft is getting out of hand .. . its like you can so zoom into cars that are passing by, frozen in time, as you take a peek at drivers and passengers? . why? . im getting a wiiU rite NOW!!

Jadedz1686d ago

I wonder if this app could be featured in a software title somehow (I.E - Tiger Woods and the Wii's weather channel).

1upgamer991686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Hmmm, I thought this was kind of silly idea when it was announced, but the more I look at this the cooler it gets. Just another added feature to many for Wii U.

wiiulee1686d ago

very beautiful...i can sit home and clearly see the streets i'll be traveling on before i go on a driving trip...makes sense to me

MasterCornholio1686d ago

This is like what i have on my phone and i have seen tablets with the same feature as well.

Pretty neat, i always liked street view in Google maps.

BullyMangler1686d ago

you can actually use your phone as a window into another world . ? like look around with your phone? like you see here? ? .. .okay . then nintendo is making fools of themselves

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