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Connecticut State Senator Pushes Bill to Prohibit the Use of 'Point-and-Shoot' Video Games by Minors

Connecticut State Representative Debralee Hovey (R-112th District) isn't the only one that introduced a bill in the January session apparently. Connecticut State Senator Toni Nathaniel Harp (D-10th District) introduced S.B. No. 328, "An Act Concerning Minors and Violent Point-and-shoot video Games." The proposed bill aims to "prevent minors from using violent point-and-shoot video games in public arcades." (Culture, Industry)

aceitman  +   879d ago
So does this mean no more nerf guns, no more cap guns.
cl1983  +   879d ago
And bicycle helmets at all times.
DarkBlood  +   879d ago
your picture sir just gave me an idea on how to do a setup for my very own first apartment in the future lol thanks
mandf  +   879d ago
sucks for gamers
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Soldierone  +   879d ago
They are trying to attack those now too.....
remanutd55  +   879d ago
Good, very good.
xtheownerzx  +   879d ago
You all what's next right? Pointing your finger like a gun in public means jailtime. SMH politicians I wish someone would ask them where is the proof to back all these bills that are supposed to be helping people.
Thirty3Three  +   879d ago
Soldierone  +   879d ago
I say we let it happen. We let the idiots have their way with the blame game, under ONE circumstance. They have one year after a ban, or whatever stupid measure they propose, to prove its working substantially, and directly linked to what they banned or did.

If (and i mean when) it doesn't do crap, the person is removed from office that day, never allowed to run for anything again, and the measure is taken away.
kalkano  +   879d ago
I have no problem with enforcing age limits on games, as long as that's as far as it goes.
elhebbo16  +   879d ago
ffs is it that hard to read the ESRB rating? I mean you must be pretty stupid to ignore the big M for mature and then whine about "why is my kid playing this?".
Dan50  +   879d ago
This is for arcade games. Which do NOT have an ESRB rating. BUT a sticker system red means heavy violence, yellow means teen style violence and green is everyone or something along those lines.
jon1234  +   879d ago
they should also outlaw most movies, tv shows and books as well, what about all the sex on tv also! wont somebody think of the children!!!
chrispseuphoria  +   879d ago
If you really would want to change what's happening, actually create ad campaigns alongside the ESRB to inform parents about the ratings. Not many people go to arcades anymore sadly.
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kingPoS  +   879d ago
I annoys me when politicians focus solely on violent video games as if they were they single handily at fault. It's even worse when other more obvious causes are pointedly ignored.

The fact that they even have such dangerous objects in the first place hardly comes up? Were they taking any mind altering medication? Why wasn't the parent's responsibility ever questioned? Who ever the parent/s may be, they damn well weren't doing a good enough job if the warning signs were missed.

I'm all for keeping M rated games of little kids hands. Just don't expect me to agree when some politician suddenly decides that video games are more lethal than guns themselves
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