Valve to bring Portal, Half-Life to the Big Screen, New Hitman Movie set to Ruin Universe

Everyone knows films about games are pretty terrible, but today a spark of hope has been ignited with the news that Valve is eyeing up Hollywood… while new Hitman news points to the most horrific film creation since Uwe Boll tried to film himself making a game. Holding back tears of joy and vomiting convulsions simultaneously, Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan try to facepalm and high five, but get confused and end up slapping each other.

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doctorstrange1476d ago

Now that hitman there scares the shit out of me

Foolsjoker1476d ago

Nothing worse than a sad hitman.

plaZeHD1476d ago

Nothing worse than smiling Hitman.

Ezz20131476d ago

when did you see him smile or happy?!

ApolloTheBoss1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

No no, it's all good. I mean it's not like I HAD to sleep this month.

NastyDaddeh1476d ago


OhReginald1476d ago

nah he would talk too much if he was hitman....

spicelicka1476d ago

ryan gosling lol, if he acts like he did in "drive" and didn't smile, he'd make a damn good hitman!!

Root1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

I can't believe the Hitman news, so many talented actors in Hollywood and they always pick the ones who can't pull off a video game character

I mean this guy is our new Hitman


Can you honestly imagine him being the blad, cold hearted killer....nope

As for the Half Life/Portal movie possibility I'd say it's pretty good that so far JJ Abrams has expressed an interest in it

I'd rather them do Half Life though, Portal would be trickier to do in my opinion, possible but trickier. I mean it would probably have to be a comedy/psychological film seeing Chell crack under the pressure of being isolated underground, doing test after test after test

ninjahunter1476d ago

The guy at my safeway should play hitman. I dont have any pics, but seriously, other than his goofy personality and a lack of a bar code, he is like a twin. Much better than sir smiley there.

DeadlyFire1476d ago

I think if they are going to do Portal they have to start with Half-Life story to get a feel of the Half-Life universe and technology.

dbjj120881476d ago

I don't want any of those movies.

TrendyGamers1476d ago

Looking forward to the Portal and Half-Life movies. I didn't mind the first Hitman movie, but will probably skip on the reboot.

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The story is too old to be commented.