Japanese newspaper claims PS4 will cost over 40,000 yen, releasing this year

GE: "Asahi, a well-known newspaper in Japan, is reporting that the next PlayStation will cost more than 40,000 yen. The publication also adds to previous speculation that the console will be made available this year."

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matgrowcott1657d ago

That's around $430/£300, although obviously different taxes and local laws will make the price wildly different. I can't imagine it being less than £399 here in the UK.

Which isn't TOO bad a price, considering that the Wii U was £350 for the ZombiU pack. If this turns out to be true and the machine can do a quarter of the things it's supposed to be able to do, this might do surprisingly well.

With that said - people will STILL want a price cut with the first fortnight...

thorstein1657d ago

That is the exchange rate, but if we look at history, the Japanese price is not often the same. I wouldn't be surprised at $349/£299.

matgrowcott1657d ago

There's no way it'l be that cheap in the UK. Sony will pull a Nintendo and let the stores pick their own price.

We'd be selling children to get a PS4 if Amazon had their damn way...

TheGamerDood1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

have the cash and am ready to buy on day 1, lets do this Sony!

$399 would be the perfect price point. They also need to work on pricing for other territories they need to stop gouging these poor people, it's not fair.


because it's a rumor?

HammadTheBeast1657d ago

Remember also though, that the Wii U is ridiculously expensive because of the controller with the screen. Basically a mini-tablet.

pixelsword1657d ago

The only way they can keep the price really low is if they use faster, leaner, meaner, and hopefully more than one Cell processor in the PS4; but this time, hopefully more support for the developers.

That would be good in that by now they should have a sizable library if they use functions from developers under their wings.

KwietStorm1657d ago

lol surprised isn't the word I would be if it was 349

Divine1657d ago

thats about $430 u.s. but i would want it to be around $4500,600 . because that way you know sony has done everything they can to make sure it is next gen and im pretty sure they will either way. . . its sony. unlike the wii u which was a sorry attempt at a next gen system. next gen starts when ps4 is here.

1upgamer991657d ago

LOL, Not going to happen for $349 US dollars. Hell how much was PS3 a year ago?

Yi-Long1657d ago

... depending on backwards compatibility, launch-games, and some other stuff ('always online' crap and game-activation codes meaning only 1 account can play a game would mean I wouldn't be buying it)

MaxXAttaxX1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

@ $400? Definitely.

Gaming1011657d ago

PS3 in North America will likely be 500 just like before, maybe a 450 option with less perks, maybe smaller hard drive. Sounds like a bargain to me.

Sarcasm1657d ago

If the PS4 is $399, I'll buy it in a heart beat. $499, would have some convincing to do with the wife. $599, no way.

zeee1657d ago

@Sarcasm: LOL! I am in the same boat man! :)

TheLyonKing1657d ago

HAve to remember UK income tax is at such a high level that it makes electronic purchases quite expensive,

Red_Orange_Juice1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Sony claiming 400USD=400EUR is coming

sackboyhappy1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

@HammadTheOne i read the wii Us controller is old tech and was cheaply made
i hope the ps4 isn't underpowered

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Knight_Crawler1657d ago

"of course, Asahi’s report should only be treated as speculation for now."

How does this crap get approved? No sources just someone making some BS up about the PS4.

Sony and MS please announce your next gen consoles like pronto because this is getting lubricious.

Orokana1657d ago

The Asashi Shinbun is a very well known, reliable newspaper in Japan. Think of it as the Japanese Wall Street Journal.

DarthJay1657d ago

You do realize that when the info is under a non-disclosure agreement and someone leaks you the info, a journalist is probably not going to tell you where they got the info? Since clearly you don't know this, do you need me to tell you why?

It's up to the journalist to figure out if their source is legit, and their reputation lives and dies by whether they run with a story and it turns out to be legit more often then not.

Assumed that was common knowledge, but apparently not.

BitbyDeath1657d ago

Coming from Japan i'd say this rumour is a bit more credible than most. You know how they are over there.

GribbleGrunger1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Knight_Crawler, you really should check definitions before trying to look smart...


'Offensively displaying or intended to arouse sexual desire.'

If this is giving you a hard on then Sony MUST be doing something right!

It can also mean 'Smooth and slippery' but that wouldn't have been so funny. Check out words in the future mate :)

LOL. Someone's disagreed with a dictionary definition ... incredible. Oh wait, is that you?

G20WLY1656d ago

lmao way to awkwardly shoehorn 'lubricious' into a sentence! Shame it was in the wrong context *facepalm*

The article is listed as a rumor, so maybe just chill out and be patient like the rest of us... :)

Divine1656d ago

to my comment above i did not mean to put that insane number

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araman1657d ago

$400-$450 for a powerful new console is pretty much perfect, that seriously is the sweet spot. Hell, they could sweeten it even more by adding a LTE receiver to the unit and letting people subsidize with a cell plan. People are USED to that and are willing to enter in to those contracts in the blink of an eye.

Kur01657d ago

wait what??? LTE?? So it comes with a battery pack and a built in monitor for on the go play? C'mon man be realistic.

torchic1657d ago

yup, so true. not sure about the LTE thing.

for about 2 years I've been saying the sweet spot for a new PS4 will be $450.

not too cheap to be debated if the console is really powerful, and not too expensive to be considered "another $599"

$450 is the absolute sweet spot.

MasterCornholio1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Im predicting about the same.

399€ for the standard model with a small harddrive or 499€ for the premium model with a large harddrive.

I expect that the console is going to be subsidized but not as heavily as the PS3 at launch.

araman1656d ago

You guys are thinking in a little box when it comes to LTE. LTE is a viable gaming internet source you can have right in your home, it doesn't have to be relegated to mobile only applications.

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showtimefolks1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

i know most expect these systems to be quite expensive, i see both ms and sony going the safer way.

release a system with 2 SKU's one priced at $399 other at $349. also since both companies have seen better days expect both to try to make a profit from day one.

I don't see KAZ as head of sony okaying a system that will loose money, sony just turned its 1st profit in a long time so expect them to make a profit from day one.

people say ps4 will be expensive, well wasn't everyone saying the same about Vita and how the tech will make the system at $399? than price was $249, i think sony understands not to shoot itself in the foot again like they did with ps3.

also from the gen instead of going for 10 years cycle, how about 5-6 than a new system. they can still support the systems after those 5-6 years but new ones should be on the shelf in 5-6 years.

juandren1657d ago

Agree with all, except for the last point. The PS2 still being on the shelves after the PS3's release kept Sony from losing a butt load of money with the PS3

showtimefolks1657d ago


but that's what i also said, they can release a new system to move the tech forward and help the industry stay strong while still supporting their old console for 2-3 more years.

PS2 was just a special system, i mean will we ever see a home console sell 150 million units again? i know DS has done that too i think but that's handheld while still impressive

i myself may not buy any new system till 2014, just because i have a big enough backlog and 2013 has a lot of awesome games coming out. now if sony can deliver few big games at launch than i will have no choice but to buy the system


new game from evolution studios, who also hired a lot of devs who work on PGR series for MS and games like Blur

Killzone 4 or the new Ip from GG

also could it be that beyond 2 souls is actually a next gen title? it has no release date as of now and most think it will be a fall 2013 title. so we will see, i know QD have said its a ps3 game

Root1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I think it would be more roughly £275/£280 for the UK however knowing what it's like for us who live in the UK we'll probably have to pay £300 because we always pay more.

Anyway since I work at Asda I'll get a nice 10% discount on it either way, plus the money I'll get selling my PS3 and some of the games I don't want anymore :)

Should work out cheap for me this time

plaZeHD1657d ago

You're selling your PlayStation 3 right away? Damn, I thought you liked the PlayStation 3.