Condemned 2: Bloodshot Demo coming to XBL

A Condemned 2: Bloodshot demo will be appearing on XBL (and possibly PSN) soon, according to's short publishing.

"This free Marketplace demo gives you a glimpse into the incredibly brutal world of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. You begin outside the lowest, seediest dive in town and your situation goes downhill from there, starting with a rapidly escalating fight with some back alley-thugs that show you the ropes of the combat system."

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THWIP3860d ago

I'll DL it as soon as it hits...though I'll be buying the game day-1 regardless.

monkey6023860d ago

I want to get this, Vegas 2 and UT3. I wouldnt be getting any if it wasnt for a gift voucher my friend bought me for my birthday. Now I just need to pick one. All my money is going towards getting a motorbike, CANT WAIT for that!!

ASSASSYN 36o3860d ago

I want this game but I also want some rims for my car. I wish I got the first one. This games looks sweet.

monkey6023860d ago

First one isnt much to buy. I got it cheap. havent finished it yet though so maybe i should do that.

funny how we are both choosing between games and our transport to spend our money on though

MadMax3860d ago

1st game was incredible and anyone that missed it should play first before moving onto the 2nd one. It was a blast to play with the lights out, prolly one of the only games that has ever made me jump and the graphics still stand up to todays games. Cant wait!

BloodySinner3860d ago

I'm looking foward to this.