Miiverse Updates Now Coming Directly to You

Daan Koopman: ''Nintendo has updated their Miiverse service again and some interesting changes have been made.

Users will now get direct updates from Nintendo, which are displayed in a special dedicated Miiverse community. In here, Nintendo will make announcements about their changes to the service, so that the consumer is constantly up to date. If you are in Europe, as seen in the video below, Marty from NoE will explain in various languages on what to expect.''

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Jadedz1768d ago

Right gang (at least they're trying)?

ZeekQuattro1768d ago

I love the Miiverse but constantly adding new rules isn't always a good thing.

sloth33951768d ago

I'm glad they are telling people to stop asking for yeahs

Nevers0ft1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Just increase the damned 100 character comment limit Nintendo, PLEASE!

Making several comments just to help somebody in a game is frustrating as hell. There's been occasions when the answer would have taken so many "comments" to get the message across, I talk myself out of helping because Nintendo made it a chore.