Researchers Look At Effects Of Violent Video Game

A study by Ohio State University from December 2012 explored the negative effects of violent video games on behavior was recently covered by the Seattle Times. The study found that aggressive behavior increased after three days of consecutive play on a violent video game.

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ThatGuy21962d ago

Well,i guess im gonna throw a few birds at a wall after playing ma angry birds...

xseven1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Hahaha. I've had the urge to cut ropes and find water all day long!!!

aCasualGamer1962d ago

Here is my conclusion:

Violent people with bad experience in upbringing, will get violent reactions from games.

Normal people with good experience in upbringing, will get no violent reactions or tendencies from games.

I don't need a study or hundreds of shrinks to know this. It's common sense. So instead of trying to blame game industry, blame the social norm for hurting children at a younger age.

Army_of_Darkness1962d ago

well said bro;-)

people with bad/ or negetive intentions to begin with will do bad things regardless of what form of media they use and watch...
I played mortal kombat since I was a kid and never had the urge to tear someones head off, hell I can't even bare to see the sight of excessive blood coming out of real flesh!

Majin-vegeta1962d ago

Well i been playing BF3 all day shooting people in their stupid faces with a shotgun.Guess i'll now go to a mall and pretend they're all on the enemy team./S

washednblood1962d ago

Sigh, when will these people learn. There are broken people all over the world, and while the acts they commit are horrendous, you blame the person. One person out of a sample in the hundreds of millions? Sadly this is a fight that we will never win. People will always find something to blame and in doing so, reduce our freedoms even further in an area of entertainment that we enjoy. Again...sigh.

DeadlyFire1962d ago

They reduce my freedom in gaming arena I will put a bullet in their ass.

washednblood1962d ago

lol, yea, that'll show 'em ;)

BanBrother1962d ago

Violent as in pushing and shoving with a friend or as in magically spawn an rpg and blow up someones house violent? Exactly.

DeadlyFire1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

OMG they if people cooperate and work together as a team they might become friends as well. I never knew that.....

So does that mean playing on a 5000 person team in Planetside 2 is going to get me to ally 5000 people to attack my government.

Dangerous stuff. lol

This stuff is getting old.

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The story is too old to be commented.