5 Upcoming Xbox 360 Games You Need To Buy

Sam Kieldsen: ''Forget the Xbox 720 for a sec – these essential titles are for the console you already have under your TV.''

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Dwalls11711652d ago

Ive look at whats coming this year and all i want is Gears....

Im very interested in seeing what the new "xbox 3" will offer in terms of exclusive games later this year

AngelicIceDiamond1652d ago

You should look into State Of Decay, looks promising. And if its successful MS will make it an MMO so I pray this game succeeds.

Jek_Porkins1652d ago

I heard they were already working on the MMO version of that game. Would be sweet if Microsoft put out some console MMO's next generation. I heard Lionhead was working on a console MMO for the next Xbox as well.

As for the Xbox 360, I'm most looking forward to Gears Judgment and Tomb Raider, those games just look amazing!

BattleAxe1652d ago

There's games on the 360 that we should buy?

NatureOfLogic1652d ago

Wait, Xbox 360 has upcoming games? and here I was thinking the 360 was done and rubbish.

WiiUsauce1652d ago

and there you were being a typical Sony fanboy. lol

otherZinc1651d ago

Destiny by Bungie
Exclusive to:
XBOX 360...

People fail to mention that. Its releasing this year!!!

plaZeHD1652d ago

For me none. I only enjoyed Alan Wake, as far as Xbox 360 exclusives goes. C'mon Micro-Soft we need more great IPs. My Xbox 360 slim is 'starving' for new IPs.

FarCryLover1821652d ago

You will have to wait for that. Any new IP will be next-gen on Microsoft's box. The "720" is 'eating' the poor 360's meal.

soultecc1652d ago

i would like a new killer instinct game with the same art design as street fighter 4

RuleofOne343 1652d ago

The one that are retail are paid off, the one that are XBL have points waiting to be used. So am all set.

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