COD4 PS3 Worldwide Feature Patch starts Certification Process

fourtwozero of the IW forums writes:

"Hey Guys --

Well I'm back from GDC, sorry for the lack of direct updates from me last week as my internet access was limited while in San Francisco. I did want to let you guys know however that the PS3 Feature Patch for Worldwide users (except for Japan and Korea) is starting it's certification process.

It finished up internal QA at Activision today and is making it's way to Sony so I probably won't make the official "Hooray we're in cert on PS3" post till tomorrow but I wanted to let you guys know that it's on it's way there. The great news is that both the US and Worldwide versions of the patch are going to cert at the same time so no one should be left waiting while the others are going through cert.

This patch includes all the new features we've talked about such as Quick Mute, Additional Kill Cams, Recently Met Players, Sniper Rifle Improvement, Acog Scope Improvement, more Spawn Points, general connectivity optimization, etc."

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mighty_douche3944d ago

im sure we'll get it sonner or later.

also, dude have you been booted to the open zone?

Superiorrior3944d ago

Dude, they're not releasing until April because there is no demand for it, I know they're a bunch of douche bags who could implement the code in less than 3 seconds but hey, they're lazy devs.

fenderputty3944d ago

the quick mute button can't come fast enough. I'm curious to see what the imprioved smiper and scope handle like. As of now, I just use the red dot site and can hit people easier then with the scope.

mighty_douche3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

Quick mute and Extra spawn points are very welcome (ive just about had enough of screaming kids and spawn campers).

Stuff tends to fly through cirtification with Sony so ill expect to see this no later than next week.

likeaboss3023944d ago

No kidding if I hear kids signing the entire time again I'm going to really shoot someone! lol

fenderputty3944d ago

Make sure you clear that with Jack Thompson first. Clairify to him that it's the kids causing you to go insane and not the game itself.

Ghoul3944d ago


please i cant take it anymore add it damnit

King20083944d ago

Quick question what modes are you guys out there playing. I really liked 6-12 team objective where it was S&D, Headquarter, Sabotage, and I believe DOmination but they changed it to 3-6 players which I hate. Now I mainly play Ground what do you guys like

PSN Clark_Kent prestige lil yellow face thing lvl 48

TalyngarTheBlack3944d ago

It's the best way to get points and it can be a very great team game. I think its the closest thing we've got to Capture the Flag on the consoles (thats even over Domination) which is the game mode that I really enjoy.

SmokeyMcBear3944d ago

I have a lot of fun playing with demon and sniper on 3 on 3 maps, those you use strategy and communication, although if we've had 6 N4Gers on a team and its pretty fun

Siesser3944d ago

every time I get an invite from demon, I can never join >_<

Y'all are always crowded!

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The story is too old to be commented.