Game industry pros list their most-wanted games of 2013

What's everybody waiting for? We polled some of the most famous names in the game industry to find out about their most anticipated titles of 2013.

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plaZeHD1747d ago

Once again The Last Of Us is the winner.

Tolkoto1747d ago

Certainly my most wanted game.

SybaRat1747d ago

Toss-up between that and BioShock Infinite.

aCasualGamer1747d ago

These are my most wanted:

1. Last of us
2. Beyond: Two souls
4. God of war Ascension
5. Simcity

plaZeHD1747d ago

Dislikes? People hate the truth.

Ezz20131747d ago

the last of us and GOWA, beyond are the games i want most
and of course i will get GTAv and Bioshock day 1

rainslacker1747d ago

I'm actually looking forward to most of those games myself. Along with GOW, new Lego games, couple of NIS and Atlus titles, Rayman, and Ys: Celceta.:)

nintendoland1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

i still can't see what do you see in that generic shooter

my most wanted games of 2013:

1. GTA V (mainly multiplayer)
2. Lego City Under Cover
3. Mew-Genics
4. Wind Waker HD
5. Pokemon X and Y

plaZeHD1747d ago

Generic shooter? pardon me?

Novistador1742d ago

How are people disagreeing with a personal want list?

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MNGamer-N1747d ago

Pikmin! I have mine pre ordered..... Just... waiting... for...nintendo

WiiUsauce1747d ago

*GASP* you can't mention a Nintendo game here!! The Sony fanboys will come out and dislike with your comment!!

Ezz20131747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

you are a really sad person
every comment of your is attacking ps3 owners while make you and nintendo fanboys look like victim

what makes you say that only ps3 owners are the one who disagree with your comments and nintendo fans comments ?!

What makes you think in the first place that your comments are facts and deserves approval ؟!

Novistador1742d ago

Well I hate to break it to you Ezz but look at the agree/disagree likes with anyone who puts down a Nintendo game, not calling anyone a fanboy but it seems this site hosts a lot of people who don't partake in multi-system play, guess their parents haven't upped their allowances yet.

kirbyu1747d ago

So far the only games confirmed for 2013 I want to get are Pikmin 3, Pokemon X or Y, and Luigi's Mansion.

majiebeast1747d ago

Ted Price Insomniac games
"OK, it’s hard not to say “Fuse”"

Then ill do it for you. NO FUSE!

shivvy241747d ago

lol am i the only guy whos excited for FUSE , all their SP games have been awesome and this game is from the main team , ive heard that the mp mode felt like R2co-op mode which i liked , Day 1

mandf1747d ago

I am regardless if it's multiplat. Resistance fall of man i sunk the most time this gen. They had the perfect lobby system.

AznGaara1747d ago

The Last of Us, Bioshock Infinite and GTAV are definitely the heavy hitters so far and I'm looking forward to all three of them. Glad to see Ni no Kuni on there because it is an amazing game!

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