Destructoid: What I want from The Witcher 3

Destructoid: "There are a lot of changes in The Witcher 3 that we can expect. Open world, horses, and boats, oh my! So many potentially great ideas for an already great universe. Not every idea from the past games should be implemented in the finale, though."

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Games4ever1900d ago

I want Saskia to return :-D

ApolloTheBoss1900d ago

My god. I wonder if you can ride her in dragon form at some point in the game.

Hydralysk1900d ago

I doubt Iorveth would appreciate that...

RuperttheBear1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Lol, have a a scene where Geralt rides Saskia in front of Iorveth, that would be grea.......

Ahem, yeah it would be great to ride Saskia as a dragon.

matrixman921900d ago

pleaaaaase get rid of having to use potions before battles...that is my one main gripe with the game

AznGaara1900d ago

That would make it way too easy. It's been a game design choice since the first game and personally I hope it stays that way.

matrixman921900d ago

it just comes down to trial and error though, and it gets annoying after a leas to me

Loki861900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Bring back the interactivity and realism of Witcher 1. I loved that you saw Geralt; make and drink the potions, physically interact with all objects and items you found, rest to level up, and the free flow dodging and strafing instead of rolling, which I heard is already announced. Not nearly enough games do these little things right these days.