Nintendo must release 3D Mario & Mario Kart U this year to combat new consoles from Sony/Microsoft

Gimme Gimme Games argues that the best way for Nintendo to combat new consoles from Sony and Microsoft this fall is by releasing their new 3D Mario game and Mario Kart U before the end of the year. This would be a similar move as to how they released Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 within 30 days of each other in 2011.

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daboosa1812d ago

I think they just have to show case them, if they are going to be brilliant people will wait!!

Dylila1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

" I think they just have to show case them, if they are going to be brilliant people will wait!!"

lol, so nintendo fans should just wait for games and go months to over a year before they get something proper to play. im glad im not the typical nintendo fan where its common-place to wait for worth-while games

why even bother buying a wii u if you arent a rabid hardcore nintendo fan thatll just wait months on end for any scraps. the wii u is doing terrible and weekly the sales are dropping because people realize its nintendo as usual with their shenanigans. silly online infrastructure , weak software and relying solely on first party games.for the nintendo diehard fans to feel good they compare the wii u sales to launch sales of the ps3 and xbox 6 and 7 years ago not living in current times seeing that older systems are outselling the wii u.

nintendo diehards in the now to the point they act as if the ps3 and xbox was just release so the bad numbers of the wii u isnt bad. instead of nintendo adopting the amazing things about xbox and ps3 today they opted for a more simplified system. hardcore fanboys keep saying that xbl didnt have party chat 6 years ago with a lot of its unique features and how psn didnt have alot of what it has today years ago so nintendo doesnt need to have a system with amazing online infrastructure because nintendo is competing with the past.

its the end of a generation this year with xbox , ps3 and wii u because the xbox 720 and ps4 are coming out this year. the problem with the wii u is everything. the sales most likely will be half of what it is weekly now in a couple months because of lack of software.

daboosa1812d ago

No there is plenty of games mean while. Good things come ones who wait. Gaming is waiting!!!

DarkBlood1812d ago

"Good things come ones who wait"

damn it i was going to say that till i read your comment :P

AJBACK2FRAG1812d ago

IF Sony can stop their dev kits from burning up. Lol! Nintendo fans know that if a game is pushed back it's because Nintendo is shinning it up. It's really funny that the PS3 and 360 are in a fight for last place and believe me silver ain't nothing. Don't forget the haters, the schemers and the Sony fan boys are gonna be eating their words come E3. Mario Kart U. Super Smash Bros. Universe and god himself only knows how insane Nintendo's E3 is going to be. Don't count Nintendo out or they'll kick your butt with two Game Cubes duct taped together!

stragomccloud1812d ago

Because there will be awesome games for Nintendo's system that every kind of gamer should enjoy. By the way, were you raped by an NES as a child? Because this hate is really unhealthy. It's really sad that you really can't find some positive things in a Nintendo product, because you really are missing out. Furthermore, this kind of hate and smearing only hurts the games industry as a whole. So, please try to be a little more mature, less hateful, and here's an idea. Why don't you actually try playing some games?

EliteGameKnight1812d ago

The Wii U is doing fine. The reason for the price falls some what on the economy and the unique features associated with the system. You have to understand, the Wii U is sold at a loss. So I highly doubt a price drop would happen before the effects Moore's Law has it's way.

On the account of the slow load times. Yes it is slow, but they have stated they plan on releasing updates for this in both spring and summer. They also apologized, something that not many companies do. I do agree that it should never have happened, but complaining about it wont change it. We simply have to be patient.

Games, I would wait years for a quality game rather than something that makes a quick buck. I understand I am some what unique in this mindset, as I also know that not all quickly released games are for profit. But we can all agree that Nintendo polishes their games to something that not many companies can replicate.

I came to late to see what Nintendo offered in the 80s and early 90s, but I remember owning a Nintendo 64, and the joy it brought me was the kind I could never replicate now.

As always, I apologize if I caused offence. But I feel that we should not judge this system yet, especially when it is only a little under 3 months old. As the PS3 and 360 didn't have the best starts either, We can not expect now to foresee the future.

RTheRebel1812d ago

mika miku akuma you fail at trolling lol
you use the same sentence same dialogue for every comment on your past fail accounts
please if your gonna troll plz be better

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fluffydelusions1812d ago

Well they've already stated there are unannounced games coming out this year and a new mario and mario kart game to be shown at e3 afaik so seems likely.

Y_51501812d ago

I'm not worried for Nintendo at all. I'm more worried about Microsoft.

Nintendo will bring it, just that Nintendo Direct alone gave us a piece of that delicious cake that will be E3.

MultiConsoleGamer1812d ago

Nintendo is in their own market. They don't have to do anything to counter anyone but Apple.

deafdani1812d ago

That's absolutely untrue. Nintendo is well aware that Sony and Microsoft are their most direct competitors, not Apple (which is a indirect competitor not only to Nintendo, but to ALL gaming companies).

Npugz71812d ago

Ohhhh not mario cart!!Sarcasm cause I'm sure that's gonna compete with the new consoles...give me a break!!!

metroidfusion21812d ago

Check how much mario kart and smash bros sell lol it doesn't matter what microsoft and sony do at e3 I'm sure those 2 games and many other first party games will sell millions

AJBACK2FRAG1812d ago

Uh duh, Mario Kart Wii sold over sixty million copies. Let's see if Sony can "move" that kind of software on a console no one can afford to develop games for. Nintendo kicked Sony and Microsoft's butt with a two Game Cubes duct taped together. These children are bitter don't let them rain on our parade. Nintendo's number one!
Nintendo's number one!
Nintendo's number one!

Zodiac1812d ago (Edited 1812d ago )

Mario Kart Wii selling 32 million says it can compete.

That one Mario Kart game sold more than GT5, Gow3, Uncharted 3, and MGS4 combined. Or just think Halo 3, Halo4 and Reach.

Mario Kart is a powerful IP.

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The story is too old to be commented.
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