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This game is a must buy for 3DS owners and could potentially be a system seller for fans of the previous games. With the promise of DLC and the sheer content already packed into the game, Fire Emblem Awakening will be played for many months to come. Do yourself a favor and do the same.

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fluffydelusions1905d ago

This game makes me want a 3DS (as do many others) but I really don't like the color selection in the US for XL versions =\

execution171905d ago

wish I had both handhelds Dx I'm missing out big time

Myst1905d ago

The Blue one is okay which is the one I got but the red looks bleh!

DivineAssault 1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

bleh my culo! Red is the greatest color on earth! I have yet to open my copy & idk if i want to.. I might just download it cuz i know i wont get rid of it

Myst1905d ago

I like red to; but I just couldn't stand to see it :x

RTheRebel1905d ago

yea just wait for a collectors edition
will be announced soon

3-4-51905d ago

It's worth it. It's one of the best games I've ever played and I've been gaming since Atari & NES.

So much Quality in this game.

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Fullmetalevolust1905d ago

Probably the only game I'd buy a 3ds for and just like the comment above, I'd get an XL but don't wanna pay that much for it. Fire emblem just gives me that old school shining force feeling 'cause it seems well executed and the animation and battles are nice to look at. Anybody wanna fork over a 3DS for free? lol

Myst1905d ago

Wish I could even find this game. Would get it in a heart beat.

Myst-Vearn1905d ago

I love the Fire Emblem series

wingman32x1905d ago

I played the demo and loved it. I had Shadow Dragon for the DS and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I no longer own that one.

I'm torn. I have money stashed away for Animal Crossing, but the Demo has tempted me.

Myst1905d ago

You just had to say something about Animal Crossing...I forgot all about that game :(

tubers1905d ago

One of the bestliest software sales other than a COD :D How dare you forget lol xD

Myst1905d ago

Very easy when my sight was set on home consoles instead of portables :x

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