What's the Problem with PlayStation Marketing?

Push Square considers the advantages of disadvantages of PlayStation's current marketing strategy, and considers how the company's recruitment of advertising agency BBH New York could have a positive impact on the PS4.

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NastyLeftHook01930d ago

advertise more in the us.

like for example: 8.00am "have a playstation with those eggs!" commercial

11.ooam have a playstation with this pepsi"

and this goes on until 11.00pm.

Dwalls11711930d ago

The big wigs of sony over In asia are Extremely stubborn...its a cultural thing. They believe no matter what that the playstation name will sell itself, I guess you can say they are spoiled bucause of their past dominance...

But its give and take man cant always be stubborn somtime you have to eat crow and admit when your slipping...they need to market more and build playststion back up

juandren1930d ago

Luckily Kaz's head is firmly NOT in his ass. He is doing wonders for Sony as a company and PlayStation as a brand

Killzoner991930d ago

"The big wigs of sony over In asia are Extremely stubborn...its a cultural thing."
What are you talking about you racist? That's a pretty stereotypical thing to say about the Japanese culture. I'm also pretty sure that crow is not eaten in Japan either. Sony's marketing is the best in the industry. Name a better video game commercial than the Kevin Butler campaign. I can't remember the last time I saw an ad by Nintendo or Microsoft. At least Sony has commercials.Good ones too.

rpd1231930d ago


That's not racist at all. There are cultural differences in every country, pointing them out isn't a bad thing. And eating crow is a saying in the US, it means that you admit you're wrong. Jesus, people are sensitive these days.

And no, Sony does not have the best marketing in the industry. It is widely considered the worst in the industry. And I find it hard to believe you never see a Microsoft or Nintendo ad, seeing as how they are on every commercial break. It's like you live under a rock.

Dwalls11711930d ago

Did this dude just call me racist??

You sir need to take a deep breath and relax, what I said is true I love sony , but its clear that they have a lot they need to change in the next console generation.

dafegamer1930d ago

@killzoner i must agree that marketing isnt sonys strength

aCasualGamer1930d ago

The problem is that there is too little of the awesome Kaz Hirai in the ads.

They should just have a 30 second clip of Kazification gifs montage and a picture of a PS4 at the end. Instant win!

Check neogaf if you don't know what i'm talking about.

Kazification ftw.

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JoGam1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

What ever they do... They need to speak directly to the casual market. The gamers who dont read N4G or site like it. People who don't know what E3 is. Those are the people Sony need to reach. Those are the majority. They need to see exactly what Sony can offer in terms of games, hardware etc. Show features, Playstation plus alone will sell itself. Problem is no one knows it or heard of it.

rpd1231930d ago

Very true. Kids in my school who have had a PS3 longer than me don't even know what it is. That's kind of a problem, seeing as how they own the console.

fredrikpedersen1928d ago

I know what's right about PS marketing (see video!)

NYC_Gamer1930d ago

The KB commercials seem to have made the ads about him and not the product

smashcrashbash1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

That doesn't make any sense. That is like saying the Mayhem Guy in the insurance commercials made it more about him or Five Gum commercials are more about people in strange metal machines more the about gum. .Unless you are an idiot you would know what the commercial was about. If you think of it that way then Nintendo's 3DS commercials are more about people who sit in living rooms on couches then games and Kinect commercials are more about flailing around then about games.I mean the level of nonsense spoken on N4G is staggering.Does anyone even think about what they are writing anymore or is the whole point just to agree with whatever negative thing is being said as quickly as possible so people,can hand them agrees?

@ Megaton.You mean like the fact that Sony has whole Youtube channels and blogs dedicated to showcasing their games even if it is just simply a PSN game with trailers, developer blogs and gameplay videos? That kind of saturation? Can you show me where Microsoft advertises their XBLA games?

Pozzle1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

"That is like saying the Mayhem Guy in the insurance commercials made it more about him or Five Gum commercials are more about people in strange metal machines more the about gum."

I think the difference is that most people already know what car insurance is, so the companies need something catchy (like Mayhem) to grab people's attention and make them think that they need to swap insurance companies.
Same goes for gum. Most people already know what gum is...they just need a reason to buy YOUR gum.

But the mass audience aren't familiar with gaming. They don't really know why they should buy a PS3, or what games are on a PS3, or even what the PS3 is all about. The mass audience would likely look at a Kevin Butler ad and be confused or not fully understand what it's about.

And I think that's a big problem with Sony's marketing... Their advertising seems to primarily be aimed at people (like us on N4G) who are already pretty hardcore gamers, but their ads might seem random or confusing to the casual or non-gaming mass audience who need to be shown exactly WHY buying a PS3 and new games is a good idea for them.

NukaCola1930d ago

I get what you are saying. I think Sony over the last couple of years has really improved their advertising, but sometimes they get to weird for anyone to understand what the hell is going on.

I love Sony and only want the best. Can't wait for the 20th...that ad tease really got the internet on fire and yes the GOW Ashes Superbowl Ad hit me emotionally in the heart. But I think they have learned from the past.

Some of PS3's older commercials instantly reminded me of this:

Megaton1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The fact that Microsoft outpaces them by tenfold, minimum. Gotta step your game up against a company that relies so heavily on ad saturation.

TongkatAli1930d ago

I would like a hot lady spokeswoman. I remember there was this black girl Sony hired to talk about the slim PS3. She looked super hot and serious.

SkullBlade1691930d ago

There is no marketing, that's the problem.

Or at least, I pretty much never see any PS marketing anywhere.

smashcrashbash1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Don't answer them.Let them keep talking.Sense is not something gamers have at all. I am certain that when GOW Ascension comes out they will say 'Sony never advertised it and I will have to remind them of this

Or like UC3 I have to keep reminding them of this

Or like Resistance 3

People like to pretend it is the commercials fault and not they are just ignoring the games in favor of others.If Microsoft are so great at commercials how come most of their Kinect games including the ones for children sold like crap? How come they have games the advertised that got above average scores and still didn't sell well at all? According to gamers the advertising whiz Microsoft should NEVER have a game sell below two or three million.But as long as you don't keep ignoring the others over Halo and Gears they do have several. Can I ask where are the 5-10 million people that brought Alan Wake that was advertised so well? Or better yet where are the 5-10 million people that brought Splinter Cell Conviction because of television ads? These game made at least average scores? so where are the bank breaking sales? How about Kinect Sesame Street that released during Christmas and got ads? How come it sold so poorly even as a children's game that so many great reviews? Strange how people go silent every time I ask them that or hide behind Halo and Gears sales.

pixelsword1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

I agree: I do see a lot of Sony youtube videos and that's a good place to go if you are aware of gaming to the degree most PS3-aware gamers are; my only problem with that strategy is that not many people who have to be won over to the PlayStation go on to youtube to specifically watch PlayStation videos.

Even further down that line, if you hate the PlayStation, would you go online to watch what they're doing?

What if you don't think about consoles much at all, would you go online to watch console game video commercials, and if so, what would you watch that might interest you if you didn't know the name of the game that might interest you?

Lastly, what if you love gaming, but are not internet-savvy? Don't forget that older people also game, but not all of them are adept to searching things on the internet.

My dad loves tennis and Wii tennis is the best for him, but until I got Wii tennis for my older brother's family (he owns a Wii) he would never have had the chance to even know that the Wii existed because he doesn't get online; but to be fair, he also doesn't watch shows where game makers advertise as well.

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