Chris Cashman explains why 1 vs. 100 was canceled

The Xbox LIVE version of 1 vs. 100 was a huge hit among gamers until it was suddenly canceled by Microsoft. Although 1 vs. 100 has been gone for quite some time (it was canceled back in 2010), many gamers are still left wondering what happened to this day. Why was such a seemingly popular game abruptly canceled? Examiner sat down with the game's former host, Chris Cashman, who explains what he thinks happened.

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soultecc1934d ago

i think is was canceled because you could actually win real prizes on the game, and we all know microsoft dont like giving anything for free

Yi-Long1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

.... MS replaced a boss who 'got it' with some guy 'who didn't get it'...

... which to me sadly seems to tell the story of MS the last 3 years orso.

TheRealSpy1934d ago

Yeah...umm. you don't have "think." he explains what happened.

digitaleraser1934d ago

I take it you're not a member of Xbox Rewards or Bing? I haven't bought MSP in ages.

azazel6651934d ago

Haha me neither. I must have gotten almost 15,000 Microsoft Points free from using Bing Rewards by now.

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Starbucks_Fan1934d ago

oh wow. forgot about this for years.

NukaCola1934d ago

I remember when they did this. They had that new primetime channel. It just kind of died out like the avatar arcade channel did too. Funny how the casuals killed this idea but sucked up Zumbo Kinect.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1934d ago

People want this? The last of us is coming..

Allsystemgamer1934d ago

Not for 360 gamers it isn't. Besides this was a fun game and a great drinking game

ScubaSteve11934d ago

i never got to win a prize or got all achievements