What To Expect In The Neverwinter Online Beta Weekend

For those of you eager to see how the game is coming along, this is what you can expect to see from Cryptic throughout the weekend (including a sneak peek later today).

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xseven1904d ago

Press beta begins today. I'm glad they're letting people stream it as well

kefkah1904d ago

Streaming gameplay? Even better than GW2 before launch.

AfterFX131894d ago

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washednblood1904d ago

Starting to look very nice!

kefkah1904d ago

NWN 1 was the bomb. NWN 2 not so much. So hoping for this game to be good.

hellkitten1904d ago

Are people actually buying that $200 before its even launched?

AfterFX131894d ago

No, no one is buying the Founders Pack. I wouldn't, you shouldn't.