IGN editor teases "interesting" Wii U news for tomorrow

NE: "IGN editor Rich George is teasing some "interesting" news set to be revealed in the very near future. Whatever it is, we'll find out about it tomorrow."

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Smurf11900d ago

Hope it's not anti-used games tech!

Deku-Johnny1900d ago

Wii U isn't made by Sony/Microsoft.

deafdani1900d ago

No, it's made by Nintendo, a company that practically never gives price drops to any of their games, tie your Nintendo ID account to your console (so, if you have it stolen, too bad, you can't redownload the stuff you bought on the eShop), and charge you again and again for the same digital games (and if you want to play one VC game you already bought, you can pay a "small fee" to add the Wii U features), and they region-lock their systems...

Don't be so naive. I fucking love Nintendo because of their awesome IPs and quirky machines, but I'm aware that they're a business, and as such, they make business decisions that are a bit anti-consumer, but benefit them financially. They aren't a magical company out to feed you fairies and rainbows.

So, if they see a benefit in blocking used game sales, it's possible they could implement this system on a future console (not the Wii U). But anyway, we don't really know if Sony and Microsoft will really block used games from their next machines. I honestly don't think so.

fatstarr1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

First Party games that are best sellers for any system dont get any price drops. but if thats how it is in your world, tell me when halo 4 is 29.99... -_- why would nintendo block used games to set the path of death upon their system... what if someone had a used wiiu game you think they would just block it?

"But I'm aware that they're a business, and as such, they make business decisions that are a bit anti-consumer"

wii> backwards compatible with gamecube
Wiiu> backwards compatible with wii

GBC> played gameboy original games
GBA> played gameboy color games
DS> Played GBA games
3DS> plays DS games

while the competition doesn't offer you backwards compatibility *cough* ps3 *cough* vita with out either paying for something or paying to download digitally... yea those decisions Nintendo made are really anti consumer alright.

kirbyu1900d ago


How could the ID thing be made better? If your Wii U breaks or gets stolen how are you supposed to transfer your ID. And, it's not like loss of save file is anything new. And, the VC thing. Having to pay for a cool new feature. Seems legit to me. And region-locking. Well duh! They don't sell those games outside of Japan for a reason.

deafdani1900d ago

@fatstarr: I think you missed my point a bit. I said on my first reply that Nintendo wouldn't do it with the Wii U, because it's already out. And of course Nintendo has done things right, just as they've done things bad. Backwards compatibility has been one of the good things Nintendo has done.

My point was that Nintendo has done some decisions that are only in benefit to themselves, disregarding the consumers... exactly like Microsoft and Sony have done in other areas. All I'm saying is that, as a company, they aren't really better or worse. They just do what makes sense for them, business-wise, as any other company would do.

And, if you read my first reply, you will see that I said that I have my doubts Sony or Microsoft would do this anti-used games stuff. They would shoot themselves in the foot big time, everyone knows that, you know that, I know that... so if they actually DID it, it would surprise me just as much as if Nintendo did. :P

@Kirbyu: If your PS3 gets stolen, you can redownload anything you bought on the PS Store on a new PS3. If your Xbox is stolen, you can redownload anything you bought on Xbox Live Arcade on a new Xbox 360. If your iPad is stolen, you redownload everything on a new iPad, if your Android smartphone or tablet is stolen, you can redownload everything on a new smartphone and tablet.

But, if your DSi, or 3DS, or Wii, or Wii U are stolen? Yeah, you're out of luck. Because on those devices EVERYTHING is tied to the machine, not the account... and even though the Wii U DOES have unique Nintendo IDs, the digital stuff is still tied to the machine! I love Nintendo, I love my Wii U, but that won't stop me from critizicing Nintendo if they merit any critic. All the other companies handle digital content in a much better way, and I want Nintendo to do the same, or better.

And paying to add Gamepad support to old VC games is not really defensible. That new feature is universal and applies itself to ALL VC games. Nintendo doesn't need to apply this on a game-by-game basis, they just applied it universally to all the games that are available on the Wii U virtual console.

Because of this, I don't see it justifiable to pay an extra PER GAME to enable these features on your old VC titles. I could see it as sensible if they charged you a ONE TIME FEE to let you redownload these games with the extra features, but charging you on a game-per-game basis? Not nice at all. If you buy a PS1 game on the PS Store, you can play it on your PSP, your PS3 AND your Vita, without any extra charges. Again: I want Nintendo to do the same, or better. You, as a Nintendo fan, should want it, too.

As for the region locking... that's just a big middle finger to the people that like to play foreign games, and they aren't such a big part of the market to justify region locking at all. Again, don't defend the indefensible. One of the awesome things of the original DS was that it was region-free, and did it affect its sales, or the sales of any of its games whatsoever? No! The DS is the best selling handhled of all time, and it has many superb games that sold a lot, regardless of region locking.

MartinB1051900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I completely agree with deafdani here, particularly with regards to never offering price drops. If you don't believe me, do the comparison yourself.

Nintendo First Party Prices (Amazon UK):

New Super Mario Bros. Wii: £41.64
Mario Kart Wii: £31.99
Super Mario Galaxy 2: £39.84
Kirby's Epic Yarn: £28.99
Donkey Kong Country Returns: £38.45

Sony First Party Prices (Amazon UK):

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: £14.98
God Of War 3: £12.40
Heavy Rain: £12.37
Little Big Planet 2: £18.25
Infamous 2: £11.75

Total 5 Nintendo Games: £180.91
Total 5 Sony Games: £69.75

That makes Nintendo games over two and a half times as expensive as Sony games on average!

I love both Nintendo and Sony games, but there's no denying that Nintendo's systems have a much higher total cost of ownership over their lifetime than their competition.

Perjoss1900d ago

@ MartinB105

Its all about supply and demand, if the demand is high for a product there is absolutely no reason to drop the price.

The PS3 exclusives are amazing games, no doubt about that, but they do not sell anywhere near as well as Nintendo exclusives do.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )


No it's made by nintendo! In that case ps4 is sure to be region lock free! Even the controller!

Nintendo invented region locking in the first place.

Ritsujun1899d ago

Wii U news?
Most probably more and more Justin Bieber sissy games coming.

SmokexFFx1899d ago


You sound disappointed. Why? 'Justin-Bieber sissy games' would be perfect for a child like you.

Ritsujun1899d ago

Awww you mad Justin Bieber fanpussy?

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WiiUsauce1900d ago

tomorrow's my birthday too!!! I hope it's something awesome like a Dragon Quest X release date for North America or a Dragon Quest VII release date for North America!! :D

Old McGroin1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

*Nintendo announce big Nintendo IP*

*Nintendo fans rejoice*

*Sony/MS fans troll-athon stating that they already knew that game was going to be released so it's not really an announcement*

Rinse and repeat for every Nintendo announcement from now on.


LOL_WUT1900d ago

Possible price drop? ;) Whatever it may be lets hope its something good.

Mouktouk1900d ago

I don't think a price drop woul be defined as an "interesting news", but more like a "huge announcement". I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

RTheRebel1900d ago

guy trolls nintendo 24/7
just ignore him

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Starfox171900d ago

Concept GP from Lucid games that leaked image they passed off as a PGR 720 image on Lucid's site and with iwata saying big games not announced coming at year end on Lucids site says 2013 ??

juandren1900d ago Show
live2play1900d ago

i disagree lucids site announced coming at years end iwata leaked big games for 2014, it passed GTA720 concept GP on lucids site coming 2013?

Donnieboi1900d ago

What's with all these illiterate crazies? I dunno what the heck they are talking about....

inStereo1899d ago

Lucid GP art 2013 Iwata site not 2014 PGRPRG 720 over Wii U yes says site many.

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xursz1900d ago

Price drop Incoming. If not now, very soon.

MasterCornholio1900d ago

I believe that if the PS4 and the 720 are priced on a similar level to the Wii U Nintendo will panic and drop the price. This is very similar with what they did with the 3DS when the Vita was announced to be priced the same.

Anyways we wont know until Sony announces the price of the PS4 so its just better to wait and see what happens.

Starfox171900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

The WiiU has more value i'm on that GAMEPAD all the time the browser is the best on the market as far as i'm concerned it's a real piece of kit i couldn't live without it u can copy and paste everything the video playbk is immense it looks HD on GAMEPAD love it and off tv play is just amazing special console and when you can play nextgen graphics like Xenoblade and better on gamepad wow.

Elem1871900d ago

@Starfox yeah my wife is getting annoyed with how much time I'm spending on that gamepad.

AJBACK2FRAG1900d ago

Once Sony can stop the PS4 devkits from bursting into flames! Lol!

BullyMangler1900d ago

hua haa .it's a fact that Nintendo isnt waiting on Sony or Microsoft for anything .. .

hano1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Not really. The big advantage the PS4 and 720 would be is that they won't have to bundle something as expensive or complicated as the Wii U controller.

Nintendo is already selling the Wii U at a loss so I don't think they will drop the price until they are able to manufacture the console at a lower price like Sony did with the PS3 slim back in the day.

linkofrs1900d ago

Highly doubt they would drop the price seeing as they stated they were losing money on the actual console itself when it was released, however I could be wrong because nintendo logic. Also the gamepad doesn't exactly seem as expensive to make as everyone is talking about, but when they sell them individually they probably will hike up the price to make a profit.

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xursz1900d ago

I don't understand why so many disagrees for predicting the price to drop soon. I think it's a logical assumption considering it worked out pretty well the last time.

LOL_WUT1899d ago

Who knows why I doubt any of them hold any stock on the company. Maybe its just some weird attachment they have for Nintendo. #Fanboys