New Sonic Game Is Sonic Adventure 3

Sega was reportedly set to announce a new Sonic the Hedgehog game for current and next-gen consoles in mid-February. Now comes word that the new installment will be called Sonic Adventure 3.

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PygmelionHunter1720d ago

As long as it doesn't enter the "new Sonic game" cycle, this is probably the best they could announce!

jimbobwahey1720d ago

I think the best that they could announce is Sonic Generations 2, since the original is hands-down the best Sonic game in... well, a ridiculously long time, that's for sure.

I guess Sonic Adventure 3 isn't so bad though?

AWBrawler1720d ago

Sonic colors begs to differ

XB1_PS41720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Mother of god, I'm now preparing to play with my chao buddies for the next 400 hours. I want ONLINE CHAO RACES! *genuine excitement*

WiiUsauce1719d ago

okay dude, the Sonic cycle is irrelevant, because every game Sega has put out with the blue blur since Sonic 4 has been absolute gold. Just look at his most recent game, Sonic and Allstars Racing Transformed. It's way better than Mario Kart.

Kurt Russell1719d ago

If it is Sonic Adventure 3... I really hope they just focus on Sonic like the original. SA2 was crap mainly because flying around looking for Gems as Knuckles, riding around as a robot and pissing about as a pink chick with a hammer was all crap.

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Root1720d ago

I hope it's true aswell, there's so much they could add onto especially this gen (or next)

I hope they improve the Chao garden, that was amazing.

Jaces1719d ago

That was my main reason for playing Adventure 2. Was a chao addict. lol

This is good news though, hoping for the best!

sonic9891720d ago

please please sega make it our comeback to the usual fantastic sonic games
sonic shall return the king if sega makes it right
goooooo sooooooooonic

IAmLee1720d ago

Dear god. If this is real.. i'll actually cry.

Shadow Flare1720d ago

Oh wow I really hope this is true. I really like sonic adventure 2, I'd be absolutely stoked for a third

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Rockefellow1720d ago

Day one buy if this pans out. I'm not even embarrassed

Ser1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Same here. Upon reading this news, I started listening to some Crush 40. I miss you, Sonic Adventure.

Rocketman1719d ago

I suggest you listen to Asteroid Coaster and Terminal Velocity from Sonic Colors, it has "Sonic Adventure" written all over those 2 stages.

kirbyu1720d ago

Who cares what it's titled? SEGA is probably gonna introduce some bizarre gameplay no one wants (again), and being a sequel to a good game won't change that.

Like how not many people like Super Mario Bros. 2 because of the whole "throw vegetables" thing (I don't like it either, but for a different reason). If it had been called a spin-off instead of a sequel it probably would have gotten only a little bit better reception.

deafdani1720d ago (Edited 1720d ago )

Dude, Super Mario Bros. 2 was one of the best selling games for the NES, and was pretty well received by the gaming public at the time. Nobody knew that SMB2 wasn't even a Mario game initially. All of that came to the surface many years later, thanks to the internet.

And suddenly, people in the internet started talking about Mario Bros 2 like it was a bad game or something. Seriously, have you really played it? If you did, you would know that it's a superb platforming game, with great gameplay mechanics, great level design and a good difficulty.

Whatever, the fact remains that Mario Bros 2 had a pretty good reception, and its sales figures reflect on that.

kirbyu1720d ago

I've played the SNES version. And I can't figure out how to pick up stuff.

stragomccloud1720d ago

@Kirby U,
It's been a long time, but I think you jump on top of objects and then press a button.

gamingmaster20131719d ago


i think to pik up stuff in the snes version like koopa shells u hav 2 hold the run button and run onto the shell and it picks up the shell and to throw it u let go of the run button

WiiUsauce1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

the hell are you talking about? Sega has finally been listening to Sonic fans for years now, and the powerups that were in Colors were so much fun to use. Hell, Sonic Generations had only 2 playable characters and they were BOTH Sonic. It's what fans have been asking for, and we're getting it.

Sonic Generations and Colors did away with the cheesy convoluted stories and actually got GOOD voice actors on board (the guy who voiced Chris Redfield in RE 5 now voices Sonic), the level design and gameplay is finally up to par with the iconic character, the music is phenomenal, and the production values were through the roof.

Sonic has been back to his former glory for a few years now, and the bad reviews Generations and Colors received were biased and unfair, because those games are actually quite amazing and so well put together.
The reviews were from people who obviously suck at the game and therefore gave it bad reviews.

It's equivalent to me not liking an amazing game like Street Fighter because I can't pull off a Shoryuken, or me not liking Halo 4 because I keep getting killed in Slayer matches. And I'm not one of those mindless Sonic fanboys who also like even Sonic's shitty games like Sonic 06, Heroes, Rivals, Sonic R, or the Knuckles and Tails levels of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 by the way.

Adamated1720d ago

I've basically given up on new Sonic games being any good... but I'm too big of a sonic fanboy to not get it.

Darn you SEGA!

Knux1720d ago

So I take it you've never played Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations?

I don't care what the game is called, just as long as it's awesome like those last two games.

kirbyu1720d ago

Sonic Colors Wii had an early level that was so hard. it was unplayable. Colors DS was nothing special. And Generations, all three versions was just an epic fail. The 3DS version had barley any 3D platforming and the classic characters look nothing like what people are familiar with. Picture Bit Sonic, now picture Classic Sonic in Generations. NO MATCH!

PrimeLantern1720d ago

I never got why people liked Generations. The classic Sonic stages were good but the modern ones felt like all I had to do was push up and find myself at the end of a level in a minute or two.

DigitalRaptor1720d ago

Oh sweet Jesus! day one. no embarrassment here either.

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