Remember Me – brand new gameplay videos

Head below for new videos of Dontnod’s Remember Me, showing Nilin clambering round Neo-Paris, the game’s combat system and some memory remixing.

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akaakaaka1714d ago

interesting! nice atmosphere, rich and very deep.
the fighting seem lame :/ and so does the marker that tells you what to do every micro second sadly..

zerocrossing1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

I feel this game is going to perform contradictory to its title, i.e. It's going to be forgettable :/

fermcr1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Game looks interesting and quite good (great sceneries), but ... is it just me or do her movements (or animations) seem a bit weird.

grailly1714d ago

yeah, definitely not uncharted / assassin's creed level of animation.

Megaton1714d ago

Don't wanna get hyped for this since Capcom is involved, even though it looks right up my alley. Will wait until it releases to judge.

Acquiescence1714d ago

Come May, when everyone will be playing The Last of Us, I'll be playing... both!

Sketchy_Galore1714d ago

The environments look absolutely beautiful but sadly most everything else looks generic and dull or just plain awful. Her animations are just plain unattractive, she runs and walks like an orangutan.

Eldyraen1713d ago

I don't think walking is quite so bad, but there definitely is a bit of Orangatang in her animations. I think its partly due to the way she is designed which is a bit too lithe and long of limb (IMO). Her arms seem to be "off" just a bit (forearms seem longer than they should in comparison to upper arm) and exaggerated movements don't help.

Its most noticeable when running and climbing in the first video.

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