You forgot Luigi's birthday (again), but this one's a 30-year milestone

Luigi’s turning 30 this year, which is well past the “oh, look at the cute baby plumber” stage. But Princess Peach forgot to bake him a cake, and you neglected to get him a gift … again.

Shame on you! We remembered his birthday. Well, actually, DePaul University in Chicago told us (but don’t tell Luigi that).

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NagaSotuva1769d ago

Look at Toad photobombing. Poor Luigi can't get a break.

wita1769d ago

You can barely find a photo of Luigi alone ... Not even Nintendo loves him.

acronkyoung1769d ago

I always pick Luigi in games like Mario Kart, Party, or Smash Bros. Always.

JeffGrubb1769d ago

Luigis of the world unite!

Lifeequals421769d ago

Luigi was practically useless in SMB2, and his annoying, skippity jump actually made him more difficult to control. Therefore, I hate him.

mandf1769d ago

I once beat the game using only Luigi. SMB2 was my favorite of all Mario games.

barefootgamer1769d ago

Luigi is the Rodney Dangerfield of Nintendo.

Sadie21001769d ago

Happy birthday, ol' buddy! (We're talking about Mario, right?)

kirbyu1769d ago

Why do people always say he's under appreciated. He's in practically every Mario game AND he's gotten his own game THREE times. And it's not like there are any Luigi haters. Alot of other Nintendo characters have it much worse than him. Ice Climbers, Jigglypuff, Chargin' Chuck (not hated, but still only one appearance), I could keep going.