Grand Theft Auto 5 vs Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 - Which Game Will Take The Top Spot?

Game & Guide: "Grand Theft Auto 5 and Modern Warfare 4 are two of the most anticipated video games of 2013, if not the top two on any given list. Therefore, we have to wonder, which one of these titans will come out on top in the sales department? We'll attempt to figure it out."

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Tetsujin1869d ago

My vote (and purchase) goes to GTA 5.

Dwalls11711869d ago

Gta5 will sell the most...
But call of duty will sell a bunch too

Donnieboi1869d ago

I wish COD would just die already.

koh1869d ago

I know some people would say that GTA is overhyped too(I wouldn't), but I swear if its not GTA I'll die a little inside

NegativeCreepWA1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

GTA, I've managed to hold out on buying COD two years now. Battlefield all the way!

Jaybronee1869d ago

God yes. BF3 totally ruined COD for me. Then Close Quarters came out and nailed the last nail into the COD coffin. Good job Dice. Now back on subject, GTA 5 is day 1 for me!!!

Sci0n1869d ago

While GTA is definitely the better game, I say cod wins on the sales because it releases every year and the sheep flock to buy the games no matter what and each year cod is breaking records selling millions. GTA doesn't release yearly and the hype is usually built up within a 5 to 8 year span. Infinity ward can announce they are releasing another cod in 6 months and sheep will act all hyped about it and run out and buy it no matter what. Every year cod is breaking sales records we haven't got a new GTA in forever.

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