Dead Space 3 Trophy Guide (PSLS)

Get help with earning all of the trophies in Dead Space 3 with PlayStation LifeStyle's Dead Space 3 Trophy Guide!

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dbjj120881328d ago

Excellent guide. Thanks!

Foolsjoker1328d ago

The only game that will make me crap my pants with a smile on my face!

Wedge191328d ago

"Wait! What was that one for?" Presses PS button just to check trophy list and see what that ding meant.

Foolsjoker1328d ago

Happy Hammock -
Joyfully defecate in ones pants with a never ending smile.

ftwrthtx1328d ago

Good job on the guide. Much appreciated

knifefight1327d ago

Will come in handy when I start caring about trophies some day never.