Rocketbirds for PS Vita Launches on February 12th

Posted by Sian Yue Tan // Producer and Studio Head -

Hello again! I’m happy to announce that Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken for PS Vita will be available very soon for download on PSN — February 12th, in fact!

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ctorretta1929d ago

Great game and the music by New World Revolution is awesome beyond belief. Actually went out and bought their CD after playing the game.

BUT -- goddamn the voice of the main bird is terrible. Zero inflection and sounds like it was recorded over the phone. I'm not sure who's brother they got to voice him, but it was a total misfire.

Was kind of hoping they'd redo his lines in the Vita version...

Oh well, I'll buy it again for the Vita. Cool that PS3 owners get a discount and some freebies.

DivineAssault 1929d ago

oh ya.. I almost overlooked this video but im glad i didnt.. Ill definitely keep my eyes on this one..

strigoi8141929d ago

yep keep this games coming to vita...

RuperttheBear1929d ago

Yeah it's a good game, I played it last year.