Post-colonial Marines - Gearbox talks Alien sequels, angry fans and next gen disruption

OXM - Nerve-crawling as it was following Hudson, Ripley and the rest of the Aliens cast into the belly of an Alien hive, the wait for Gearbox's hyper-nerdy adaptation Aliens: Colonial Marines has been worse. The game has been in development since December 2006 - it'll finally see release on 12th February - and has weathered almost as much dubiety as its eventual stablemate, Duke Nukem Forever.

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dirigiblebill1869d ago

Rocksteady should make the Predator game, not Gearbox.

OhReginald1869d ago (Edited 1869d ago )

No Rockstar should be making all the deserving super heros stand alone games.

Superman should DEFIANTLY be on rocksteady's list.

People say a GOOD superman game can't be done.....I think rocksteady can change that.

DatNJDom811869d ago

I really do want this to be good. But something is telling me its not. I really hope that I am wrong. I would LOVE to play an Alien game as tense and scary as the movies. Fingers crossed.

Septic1869d ago

OXM should highlight their questions in bold to make it easier to skim through the article.