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Sly Cooper's Alarmingly Quiet Launch Emphasizes the Need for Change

1UP - You might not know it, but Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was released today. It's a PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita exclusive that you can pick up right this very second, although you could be forgiven for not realizing it -- and not just because Dead Space 3 is the week's biggest release. (PS Vita, PS3, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time)

8bitHero  +   779d ago
i dont understand sony. they make their first party studios make awesome games and dont advertise any of them unless its god of war or uncharted and some how except them to succeed. how are people going to buy something they dont know exist? its a shame too, because then the games dont sell well(because of sony) and then we lose these wonderful studios.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   779d ago
Very true.
Like the article suggests though hopefully things will get better now they have a new marketing team.
Still really sucks for Sly though and there is no excuse. It's got a lot of people talking about it though which is only a good thing.
dafegamer  +   779d ago
thats what bothers me about Sony the most unfortunately :(. They seem to let their IP suffer for no reason. I'm glad that they hired a new marketing team, things might change in the future
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IMightBeRetarded  +   778d ago
They have so many great studios that I fear will close like Liverpool simply because of lack of any advertising for their games at all.
mandf  +   779d ago
It's out one day and journalists are the only ones calling it a flop. Let the game breath a little. Once the first round of gamers beat it, they will be the word of mouth. Word of mouth has sold more games than any stupid advertisement has. More journalists hate on games that aren't like their favorite. It's a kids game at heart and they are reviewing it like it's call of duty or bioshock. Journalists owe us more than just a rant.
smashcrashbash  +   779d ago
Quiet launch? I am sorry didn't we just get a ton of trailers and a whole three minute cartoon based on the game which we had to hunt for not to mention the competition they had before to make a treasure for Sly Cooper and it's launch is all over their official blog not to mention them touting that the game only cost $40 and is crossbuy. What exactly is the definition of being quiet these days? Not having a black tie party and whoring out every game you make? I mean am I the only person that realizes that every game company doesn't make a huge deal about every game they make? They are not being quiet. They are dividing their resources accordingly. You didn't really think they would spend the same amount of money advertising Sly as they would GOW Ascension.Please just stop repeating the same nonsense over and over again.
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mandf  +   779d ago
Halo gift bags are what they expect.
koehler83  +   779d ago
I think they specifically mean a TV ad campaign.

Not having seen a television commercial in literally years, I have no idea if there is any kind of TV campaign going on, but I kind of doubt it.

But since I personally refuse to pay for and therefore watch cable/satellite television, I have to assume that lots of other people do too. A TV ad campaign seems like an incredibly expensive way to completely avoid my attention.

But I haven't seen any pre-roll advertisements on online videos either. I'm still seeing Mists of friggin' Pandaria.. I think Sony could manage something.
smashcrashbash  +   779d ago
Let me give you some knowledge. You know television commercials? They are old hat.People who still believe they can get the maximum affect through television commercials are living in the past. I have an associate degree in business. People advertise online now. Why? Because people can come and watch you stuff anytime they want and not have to wait until they see it during a show or on certain channel.Do you see how many views Sony's Youtube stuff gets? Did you see how many views 'Micheal' got? That is advertisement. I am not saying television commercials don't have their place somewhere too but online advertising is where it is at. When you put your stuff on Youtube you get tons of viewers who can watch and re-watch your stuff at anytime they want.So when you say Sony is doing it wrong by not showing television commercials for certain games you are mistaken.If you have to buy television spots at prime time for every game you have it would be very expensive.But when you put it online it is less expensive and can get just as many views. Just go to Sony's official blog and you will see a ton of things related to Sly 4.

How many television commercials has Microsoft done for games and they still sold like garbage? How many Kinect games fell by the wayside and games besides Halo and Gears despite the commercials? Why? Because the gamers just didn't care about the game enough. People who want Sly will buy it and all the television commercials in the world won't make it sell any better. The people who want Sly 4 already know it exists.The people who keep claiming they didn't know didn't care in the least or you would have seen all the trailers, been in the competition,looked on the PlayStation Blog or have been looking for the cartoon.

So don't pretend that you cared and then claim Sony didn't say anything.That is a bunch of BS. Next thing you will be saying that you didn't know GOW Ascension was coming after the huge Superbowl commercial.Unless you live underground you must have visited a gaming site or been to Youtube or Facebook or twitter where the developers were talking about the game or showing trailers and seen something.I mean how dumb can you be? How much advertising do you need to pay attention to something?

@ cpayne93 and MegaLagann
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koehler83  +   778d ago
"Let me give you some knowledge. You know television commercials? They are old hat"

Yeah. That's what I just said.

"How many television commercials has Microsoft done for games and they still sold like garbage?"

I have no idea. I just said I don't watch them.

"Next thing you will be saying that you didn't know GOW Ascension was coming after the huge Superbowl commercial."

WHAT COMMERCIAL?! I JUST SAID I DON'T WATCH THEM! (And I'm Canadian. People outside the US don't watch or give a damn about the Superbowl.)

I -STILL- haven't seen any kind of advertisement for Sly online. Putting trailers on YouTube doesn't count. That is not advertisement. That is entertainment for those who already know about it. That is preaching to the choir. It does nothing to expand the audience of the product. And no degree or inflated ego changes that.
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cpayne93  +   779d ago
Haven't seen any tv commercials or ads on youtube. Dead Space 3 had youtube ads, why wouldn't a first party Sony game?
MegaLagann  +   779d ago
Wait, Sly 4 came out? I'm being serious here I thought it was coming later this month, heard nothing about it the last few days. Now that's sad when a series I enjoy, Sly, comes out with a new game in years and I hear nothing about it, despite the fact I go onto gaming websites constantly everyday (sadly).

Like the people said above, I don't get Sony, their first party studios make these great games, Sony doesn't advertise said games, game sells like shit and Sony then closes down said studio or cuts all ties with it.
masa2009  +   779d ago
They should have made this a Vita premiere.
There would have been much more goodwill for it on a portable console, reviews would have been better, and it would have been much more needed given the system's current library.

On top of that it launches just ahead of GoWA and DS3, and they sell it for $40, the franchise has been dormant for very long, so they know it's not gonna sell well.

Inevitably, they would have released the PS3 version one year later, like they always did with PSP "exclusives". But it wouldn't have changed much, since the PS3 version already releases today at the price of a budget port.
Blank  +   778d ago
I was thinking about the silent sly cooper release im sure they had ps blog events but the general public need tv commercials or atleast youtube damn shame because this sequel is very damn good one sanzaru got the essence of sly and not only replicate it but threw in there own touches damn shame the marketing wasnt bigger for this game but whatever im happy im experiencing this game and I did my part purchasing day one
black911  +   778d ago
How much would it cost to make/Air a few commercials? Also is it cheaper financially to not advertise at all?

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