Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge PS3/360 screenshots

Tecmo Koei released the first screenshots from Razor's Edge on the PS3/360.

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sonic9891898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

yesssss now i can get it
fixed and bugs free

i didnt mean that but the original ninja gaiden 3 was awful
and i am not getting a wii u anyway sooo i am happy to have it on my ps3 thanks tecmo koei keep supporting the vita and hopefully the PS4

Bowzabub1898d ago

Oh, I meant it. As much money as Nintendo made this gen, they should have made a machine that crushes 7th gen. They didn't, they suck and they deserve to go back to GameCube status. Everyone said Sony needed some humble pie and they probably did, but now it's nintendo's time to have a slice. Eat up!

Godmars2901898d ago

With new bus you mean. At least I think there were new issues with the game on WiiU which weren't and shouldn't have been there, so more than likely the same might happen with the re-port.

No, PS3/360 was the Beta test. WiiU turned into the Beta-Beta teat.

yewles11898d ago

Nah, Original PS3/360 was Alpha Demo, Wii U was Beta Test.

Bowzabub1898d ago

Beta tested by the WiiU(nfinished) 7.5 beta box.

stragomccloud1898d ago

Done beta testing on xbox/ps3 don't you mean?

stragomccloud1898d ago

I don't see why people disagreed. ps360 gamers were complaining about the Wii U version claiming they felt like they had become beta testers for the real version.

Jek_Porkins1898d ago

Have it on Wii U, it is definitely better than the version that came to the Xbox 360/PS3. That being said, it's not going to be worth spending $60 on if you've already bought NG3 on one of those consoles. They probably should have released Razors Edge in the first place all around.

Yodagamer1898d ago

Should have been a patch.

Skate-AK1898d ago

True but it's not that simple at all.

jc485731898d ago

despite the disappointing gameplay, I think the overall eye candy kinda makes up for it. I just like how characters look packed or should I say corpulent.

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