Four Features Sony Needs to Unveil Alongside the PlayStation 4 in February

Joel Taveras writes, "Sony shocked the gaming world last week when it published a trailer teasing what is “next from PlayStation.” I too was wrapped in the excitement considering that we’re five months away from E3 and already talking next gen. But with that excitement there are certainly a few reservations, and it comes in the form of some glaring omissions (see: features) that never made to the PlayStation 3. Let’s run down the list of some must have features Sony needs to unveil alongside the upcoming debut of PlayStation 4."

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Dwalls11711868d ago

Just dont waste money on cross game chat, its not an important feature in my opinion..

mandf1868d ago

It's already implemented in the vita so the software is already made and minimal money will used to implement it in ps4.

JoelT1868d ago

This. I don't think it's 100% necessary but it's one of those things that once you have it, it's hard to go back to not having it.

matrixman921868d ago

game chat and the party system are the main reason I buy most games on 360....

Dwalls11711867d ago

If I can play call of duty and talk S*** to everyone while I double kill them on my ps3...I dont need cross game chat on my ps4

Majin-vegeta1868d ago

1.Keep Cross Game chat for free and not exclusive to PS+.
2.Put the "No used game sales"rumor to rest.
4.PS online for free.

dgonza401868d ago

It would be sweet if you could gift psn purchases as well.

matrixman921868d ago

nailed it with the univeral invite system...i really hate how sony makes companies create their own in-game system...and it is usually always horrible. Xbox is uniform and players know what to expect. God i want the 20th to get here

Minato-Namikaze1868d ago

Find name press triangle invite....... Never really had a problem finding my way around

matrixman921868d ago

lol...the whole way of doing invites through an in-game system is much more complicated than just that, especially when you are the one receiving the invite. on Xbox, all invites go to a central place for all games, which is easier to navigate. So you dont have to wade through the menus of the game to try to find an inbox

-GametimeUK-1868d ago

I want to see how they expand on PS+. It will be great if they can keep heading in the direction of play, create and share. Some sort of rewards for online purchases would be nice too (like club points you can then use to buy avatars, themes and fun stuff like that).

Sony for the most part has taken care of me this gen. They just need to expand on the current vibe I am getting from them and package it so the product sells to the masses.

pixelsword1868d ago

Who's to say that they're even going to reveal the PS4 in Feb?

Plagasx1868d ago (Edited 1868d ago )

Come on now... Do more research.

What else could they possibly reveal that they have to live stream it to the world and make a teaser video called "See the Future"???

I think if it was anything else, Sony would have debunked the excitement and speculation that's on every gaming site by now...

pixelsword1868d ago

Why would I research a game company? Even if I did research Sony, again: who's to say that they're even going to reveal the PS4 in Feb?

At any rate, either they will reveal it or they won't, but this article is acting like it will not only reveal it, but as if they would show the PS4 and not give out the features of said console?

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