What's Next For The Wii U eShop

Lucas M. Thomas: ''The Wii U’s eShop presented a strong lineup of five original offerings alongside the system’s launch last year, and in 2013 North American fans have already seen the arrival of Ron Gilbert and Double Fine’s adventure The Cave and Neko Entertainment’s Puddle - the most interesting physics-based, fluid-flowing puzzler outside of Nintendo’s own Fluidity games. In Europe, things have been even better, as Zen Pinball 2 just went live last week.

But those games are just the beginning. 2013 is shaping up to be the strongest, most interesting year for downloadable titles on a Nintendo console since the old Wii Shop Channel first went online back in 2006. Today we’re discussing 10 Wii U downloads that should already be on your wishlist for the year ahead. Let’s dive in!''

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lilbroRx1716d ago

I'd imagine more games.

BullyMangler1716d ago

Conkers Bad Fur Day 64 on the wiiU Game-Pad please

deafdani1716d ago

Not possible. Conker is a Rare property, and Rare is now owned by Microsoft. :/

EvilFluff911716d ago

That would be awesome but I'm afraid Microsoft owns that IP. :(

BullyMangler1716d ago

shoot! thats rite, but in Nintendo land, everything is possible .. .

DEATHxTHExKIDx1716d ago

lets talk about putting GBA games on the 3DS epshop.

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