Sly Cooper: Thieves in Times Review: Stuck in the Past | Polygon

Polygon: "The bad pacing in level design, the overwhelming mix of things to do without any sense of how to piece them together into a strong experience, the production values that veer back and forth between fantastic and non-existent — it feels like, well, a PlayStation 2 game."

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Y_51501934d ago

"Stuck in the past" I consider that a good thing! I'm going o not read the review because I want to judge for myself.

LOGICWINS1934d ago

"I'm going o not read the review because I want to judge for myself."

So why did you come here in the first place?

Y_51501934d ago

"So why did you come here in the first place?"

I wanted to provide my own personal feedback based on the title. The title made it sound as if it is a negative which it isn't in this case.

ChronoJoe1934d ago

It doesn't make much sense to critique a game like this on that basis to be frank. If Sly 4 is 'stuck in the past' so is Super Mario etc.

It's a kids platformer for christ sake, what did they want? Guns and dubstep?

slaton241934d ago

no they wanted it to have multiplayer with killstreaks and custom classes

Knushwood Butt1934d ago

Very true, although, for some inexplicable reason, you'll never find a Mario review that calls it out.

It's like Nintendo game are never judged against anything else - they just exist in this magical void.

I mean, if Sly is being called a PS2 game, then what is Super Mario Bros Wii U then?!

arbitor3651934d ago

this game stays true to its roots, expands where neccessary, is well polished, and it gives the fans what they have been wanting for 7 years

polygon gives it a 6/10

dead space 3 is dumbs down the franchise into generic action schlock, completely missing the tone and point of the first game by a country mile

polygon gives it a 9.5/10

no comment

Adva1934d ago

That's such a joke.
What kind of idiots do we have in the gaming journalists industry?

mandf1934d ago

some are not legit gamings sites. They pay $10 for a site to bash a game. Watch how many reviews there are. Half will be sites gamers have never seen before. It's viral marketing.

spongeboob1934d ago

This is the same guy who gave Ni No Kuni a 6.5, enough said.

showtimefolks1934d ago

Watch rev3games Adam sessler's review of sly 4, he gave it 2/5. Than search Adam sessler plays sly 4 and see how he doesn't even know what the game is all about. He complains about combat yet it's a stealth game not meant to run around killing people

I don't think sly games ever had strong combat

Watch GT's review they are right. After playing the game I can tell you few things. I picked up the game from walmart this past Friday. I don't think the cashier had any idea she was selling me a game that wasn't due for anther few days

The story is quite long actually took me between 15-20 hrs
The world feels diverse and are big to explore
There is a way point system that helps big time, the world are so big if sly 4 had no way point map system I would be lost and frustrated

The boss battles are fun but to the best part of the game

Now to my favorite part. The story is actually quite funny, you will laugh out loud quite a lot. I don't know why sessler was expecting a serious story when this game is a perfect buddy movie type of game

For 40 bucks with cross buy feature I say buty it. For me personally it's a 8.5/10

You can revisit the worlds to find hidden stuff and or reach areas no possible before

spongeboob1934d ago

Usually Adam is a solid reviewer i can trust but i think he was way off on this review. He doesn't seem like himself since he's left X-Play, I'm not seeing that excitement for games he used to have. He seems bored in general.

I've played it for quite a few hour last night and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it is.

Chuk51934d ago

Actually, if you knew Adam, you would know that Sly was one of his favourite franchises last generation. Gamers make too many assumptions about reviews; you trust some and you don't trust others. You don't always have to agree, and when you don't it doesn't invalidate everything that person ever says again.

BoNeSaW231934d ago

One of the best comments I've read all day!

Totally agree!

showtimefolks1934d ago


actually i also agree with a lot of sessler's reviews but for SLY4 he was way off, he was asking for stronger combat yet its a stealth game, and costumes are big part of the game and how you get around enemies and beating bosses yet he didn't like the feature


you want him excited watch these 2 videos

God Of War he is quite excited and asks some great questions, damn i am so hyped for this new GOd of war

and watch this for last of us, i think he misses morgan webb lol.

anyone on the fence, look at most reviews and you will see most of them are positive,

as a fellow gamer i can say this for a fact if you have played prior games than this is a must, if you are a new SLY fan than you should buy this and get the sly HD collection.

in SLY4 you can relive the story through a long cut scene which will bring you up top date on the whole story

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H4all1934d ago

i'ts time to make self decision..
play it and know it..
it's a good game to me.. i play and judge it..
not hear/read/watch from other people review..

lovegames7181934d ago

Damn i asked my freind on my list if he liked it and his response was "Epic fun"

Whitefeather1934d ago

I can confirm it's amazingly Slyish. If you want more Sly this is the game.

smashcrashbash1934d ago

Anyone saying that the new Sly is bad because it plays like the last ones are full of $hit.Try remembering that when you review the next Gears or Mario game

Good_Guy_Jamal1934d ago

Gears? You mean the franchise that started this gen and couldn't possibly be stuck in the past since its gameplay is pretty modern? That Gears?
Do you people actually remember the original super mario games? Mario has evolved and progress gradually and naturally since its beginings.

smashcrashbash1934d ago

Why is it modern? What makes it modern? What are you talking about. Those games have the exact same gameplay each time? How has Mario evolved? We are fighting the same kind of three hit bosses in the same type of worlds, bouncing on enemies the same way.They are even going back to the same power ups.I am not sure what you mean by evolution and modern. Gears has played the same way each time and only the controls have been tweaked. The story isn't better, the dialogue isn't better, the gameplay isn't any deeper.I am not saying Sly has evolved like some games have but I don't think that should be held against it seeing that many games get away with it. Everything people are putting it down for is what Sly Cooper was always about.The same way people are saying that there are things that only sly fans would overlook? That is the same with every game.There are glaring faults in many games that fans choose to ignore and that reviewers refuse to take points off for.So why should Sly be treated differently?

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