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Submitted by xyxzor 1102d ago | opinion piece

PlayStation Vita Vs. Nintendo 3DS: Which Handheld Should You Buy?

The Paranoid Gamer writes: "Which portable is right for you? Well it certainly all depends on what you want to do with your device, and more importantly, what kind of games you want to experience. The article won’t be discussing tablets or smart phones, though they are a viable alternative of sorts to these systems. If you want to browse the net, read books, watch movies, listen to music or have access to a myriad of apps and bite size gaming than perhaps those options are best for you. Here though we will cover the more core systems that have some of those features, but their main focus is on gaming." (3DS, PS Vita)

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Dwalls1171  +   1102d ago
Wait till vita gets a price cut to get one was buying 3ds untill the lowered the price...its going to be the same with vita
Trunkz Jr  +   1102d ago
Even if the Vita became cheaper then the 3DS it still has to launch attractive games, it's all about the games, I know I'd go out and buy a Vita if they made a FF6 Remake for it.
NukaCola  +   1102d ago
I own both and have to say the I enjoy the Vita much more. Both have a bunch of great games, but I use my Vita for everything. It's my PS3 companion and a perfect partner for my constant needs. I am looking forward to Killzone a lot and Luigi's Mansion 2. I have gotten out of Pokemon over the years but I am going to get X or Y. It's been a long time since I got my fix and no time like the present.

This whole library thing also needs to be clarified. The 3DS having 300 party/Hello Kitty/Tetris games doesn't justify a more diverse line up. Both systems have at least 10+ AAA titles worth owning. I do love that the 3DS plays DS games. I don't play them anymore, but I am glad I have the option and that newer gamers can play titles they missed on last gens handheld.
MmaFan-Qc  +   1102d ago
meh, got both my 3ds&vita on launch day, i can easily say that 3/4 of the time when i use a handheld is the ps vita, the only game that made me use my 3ds is paper mario and theatrhythm...and a gba metroid game i got with the ambasador certificate, meanwhile i had a SHIT LOAD of ps vita games to play unlike on the 3ds 90% made of shovelwares right now.

i cant wait to see a new zelda/metroid game on the 3ds to justify my purchase, but hey, at least i get ps vita games.
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trenso1  +   1102d ago
exactly @trunks i didnt even get my 3ds until Kingdom hearts was near release vita has some great games but none i personally want to play except maybe gravity rush but thats one game and im not going to buy a system for one game. Ill wait until more games i want are released and buy them all with the system. Also a price drop wouldnt hurt
FriedGoat  +   1101d ago
As with everyone who owns both and actually BUYS GAMES, I play my vita WAY more than my 3DS. Infact, I've just moved and my vita is with me and my 3DS is still in storage.
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StraightPath  +   1102d ago
3DS because it got a stellar and still growing library of great games. Pokemon is on the horizon aswell along with many other great games.

Whereas if you want vita to collect dust with no games then get vita. As no games only few are worthwhile such as Gravity Rush and Golden Abyss and few are upcoming like tearaway and Killzone Mecenaries it doesnt help the vita is struggling badly and not getting supported with games at all.

bottom line is the vita has no games and a unimpressive library at the moment where as 3DS is leagues ahead and getting stronger.

Vita so far is dead in the water until sony do somthing about it soon.

great point below plus you have a huge library of amazing ds games to play on it on aswell. Want to play play old psp games on vita? you can forget that.
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Jobesy  +   1102d ago
Great games are a matter of opinion. Really no games on the 3ds appeal to me, eventhough the 3ds has a large library. The smaller library on the Vita appeals to me more.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   1102d ago
Oh god lol, again with the no worthy games. Go play your pokemon while I have Sly Cooper on the fucking go. Oh and you still think there are no games? Here you go:

Fucking 3DS fanboy. I love the 3DS and both of the consoles deserve the best.
IMightBeRetarded  +   1102d ago
Your comment seems slightly biased so I'm going to try to correct some things you may have been mistaken about. I'll start by saying that the Vita has plenty of good games. You can check Grim's list below if you want to confirm this for yourself.
Second, the main reason the 3DS has more games is because it has been out for a year longer, and many of the titles are low quality with only a few such as pokemon and animal crossing that appeal to me.
With your point about not being able to play psp games, I can play almost all of the games I had previously downloaded to my psp, and I have many PS3 cross play/buy games and some PS1 classics as well.
Please try not to be so one-sided next time you comment. Both consoles are good and have games that appeal to different people. Not everything is black and white.
TheLastGuardian  +   1102d ago
If you think Vita has no games, you need to get your head out of your ass.

Anyway, I think you can't go wrong with either system. They're both amazing handhelds with more than enough great games to play. PS Vita is the best handheld I've ever played, hands down. I plan on getting a 3DS sometime, I'm not in any big hurry. Hopefully they come out with a 3DS with built in dual circle pads.
user3915800  +   1102d ago
There is no denying the Vita is a better handheld than the DS, but Vita cant compare with over 6000 games already on the ds.
fatstarr  +   1102d ago
Backcatalog and something called backwards compatibility

Sony forgot what that was with the ps3 like the vita coulda had a huge back library but Sony chose to make money off resales
darthv72  +   1102d ago
Thing is, people were buying the 3ds before the price cut. the price cut just made it more attactive as an alternative to the existing ds/dsi. Keep in mind that a 3ds is bc with ds games. You dont have that with the vita so it isnt seen as a replacement to an existing PSP.

Had sony give the vita direct UMD bc then we could look at it like that. But seeing as its all digital and not all of the digital psp games are available for it, it isnt as attractive to those who would get one to use in place of a psp while waiting for whatever vita specific title they are looking forward to.

At least a 3ds being able to play ds games opens the library of physical titles to a 3ds buyer. If money was no object then I say get both.

If you are looking at it from an existing library POV then it depends on the library. DS owners getting a 3ds is a logical choice.

PSP owners (UMD games) getting a vita isnt as logical but if a PSP owner (digital psp games) gets a vita and the games are available then by all means its a good choice.

Those are all based on the idea of playing older games on newer units. I know not all of us do that but it is a nice convenience. If it was just about new games then its more about the appeal of those games and franchises that cater to the individual. That could go either way.
tubers  +   1102d ago
Sony forgot one nifty idea:

"UMD external player" accessory.

Snaps onto the back of the VITA.
FragGen  +   1102d ago
I guess it's a personal choice. For me, the Vita has enough of the type of games I'm into and I really dig the technology it is sporting... Haven't regretted the purchase at all, especially now that PS+ is supporting it. But some folks may dig 3D or be into the Nintendo 1st oarty games.

Going into the Vita purchase, I also had a number of solid PSP/PSN titles that were compatible for it that I had already purchased for my PSP, so the backward compatibility was a big win for me and the fact that you can map the dual sticks really opened up some of those old PSP titles, but some folks may not really see that as a big deal at all if they didn't have a PSP already that they had pruchased online content for...

Buy what you like... If you have enough dough, buy both! I would like to see dedicated handheld gaming live on in some form!
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1102d ago
^^ This.
I feel completely the same way about my Vita and if you prefer Nintendo's games more then get the 3DS. I hope both handhelds do well because the competition is good and they both offer something different.
s8anicslayer  +   1102d ago
It's a matter of preference...can't make someone eat grapes if they like apples! Buy what you like and as long as what it has to offer makes you happy then that the one for you!!!!
Perjoss  +   1102d ago
I have a Vita and I love it, but I stopped buying games for it a while ago, they can **** off with the prices, how the hell do they justify charging me £40 for a hand held game?
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   1102d ago
Shop around.
squarecircle  +   1102d ago
Don't really know why anyone would disagree with what you've just said.
They're £40 yet they're vastly inferior to £40 games on consoles? At least with the PSP the games for it were around £27
FriedGoat  +   1101d ago
Nintendo sell their 3DS games at £40 and the majority of them have half the content that the PSVita games do. At least the Vita games are closer to console quality.
fatstarr  +   1102d ago
yea they will follow in Nintendo 3DS selling/marketing strategy. its been a carbon cut copy

and even at the 3DS's old price point it was doin better than the vita. it got shit cause it wasnt keepin up with the DS's original pace.

vita is my best laugh when it comes to sony. check the comments from 1-2 years ago and see how much everything I said came true.
Y_5150  +   1102d ago
I have both. Both has promising titles. The 3DS has games like Pokemon and Luigi's Mansion. The PS Vita has games like Tearaway and Killzone Mercenaries. Device wise, go with the PS Vita.

In comparison; The 3DS has a few functions that it's predecessor, the DSi had. The DSi had features like a alarm clock and better features with the camera. But the 3DS makes up for that with the Mii apps and the ability to take 3D photos.

PS Vita has so many free apps and superior tech than the 3DS. The only thing the 3DS has better when it comes to functionality is that it can produce 3D graphics.

I would choose the PS Vita over the 3DS.
Nerdmaster  +   1102d ago
I also have both. Vita is a better device, but a device doesn't play itself, it needs games. And I play much more with my 3DS. I'm trying to finish Persona 4 Golden on Vita, but I really don't know what else I'll play on it when I finish Persona.
mamotte  +   1102d ago
...wait, the DSi has an alarm clock?

And I'm serious in this question.
-GametimeUK-  +   1102d ago
Yes, it does. I actually used the DS Lite alarm clock to wake me up for work. I am a bit bummed the 3DS doesn't include one. I guess my phone will do.
G20WLY  +   1102d ago
lol yes!

So does Vita, btw, free app just launched today in EU, was already out in Japan and not sure about US. It's cool too, looks pretty and has nicer sounds than most insta-headache alarms :)
DivineAssault  +   1102d ago
Vita if u want some new 3rd party games to play now & in the future.. 3DS if u like nintendos 1st party games..We have yet to see smash bros, wario land, etc make an appearance but I dont know of a single nintendo system that releases sequels in the same generation besides mario platformers.. Mario kart already released as well as mario land, mario bros, etc.. So its already peaked while vita has much more to give other than whats available.. In conjunction with PS Plus, vita is an incredible value & gaming machine to own
dark-hollow  +   1102d ago
"So its already peaked "

your fanboism is showing.
as far as nintendo handhelds, they have a HUGE third party support compared to their consoles, and the gbc, gba and ds are shining examples of that.

shin megami tensi 4.
monster hunter 4.
castlevania mirrors of fate.
ace attorney 5.
project x zone.
Bravely Default.
Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney.
Layton and the Azran Legacies.
Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titans.
devil summoners soul hackers.

that and the upcoming nintendo games like:
fire emblem awakening.
luigis mansion dark moon.
pokemon X and Y.
animal crossing new leaf.
super smash bros 4.

yeah its "peaked" alright.....
-GametimeUK-  +   1102d ago
The world is bigger than just Japan.
superterabyte  +   1102d ago
@Dark-hollow You just named mario, pokemon and japanese titles! The only game I might want to play on that list is monster hunter. killzone mercenary on the other hand is one game that makes me really want a vita
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Neckbear  +   1102d ago
I prefer the 3DS simply because it has a more varied, extensive and attractive game library. And at the end of the day, you buy a handheld mainly for that, games.


I don't know about you, but games like Kid Icarus, DoA Dimensions, Code of Princess, Fire Emblem and a few downloadable ones like Sakura Samurai, Crimson Shroud, Mighty Switch Force, Gunman Clive (with physical controls!), Liberation Maiden and others have been enough for me, not to mention stuff like Soul Hackers, Etrian Odyssey, SMT4, Monster Hunter 3 and more are coming out later.
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-GametimeUK-  +   1102d ago
I need to find this "extensive and attractive game library". I own Mario 3D Land, Street Fighter and Zelda OOT. Nothing else on the system other than Resident Evil stands out to me. It seems all the games I wanted to succeed have generated generally negative responses. Kingdom Hearts, Paper Mario and Mario Bro's 2 have all generated a less than satisfying buzz for me than previously expected.

I can't say the PS Vita is much better. I don't own one, but there are more than 3 games I wish to play on the system so its a start.
superterabyte  +   1102d ago
Why are you getting so many disagrees! You speak the truth! Seems that anyone saying anything agains the 3ds will ultimatly get disagrees. Listen I played nintendo first party games when I was 10 years old thats the market the games are aimed at.
FriedGoat  +   1101d ago
GametimeUK is right, I've had a 3DS at launch, waited god knows how long for ANY worthwhile games, picked up zelda, mario 3d land, mario kart, kid icarus and more. The games are so short its unbelievable the price they sell for. The games are below average apart from kid icarus and zelda. 3dland was like 6 hours long to get all the star coins etc, mario kart wasn't even as good as the previous DS version. No online play for star-fox.

It seemed to me nintendo just rushed out big names to get the damn thing to sell, the usual fanboys lap up the substandard quality whilst i'm left feeling ripped off.

A couple of weeks ago I sold around 15 3DS games and I'm left with the only game worth keeping, Ocorina of time, pretty much just for the nostalgia.

My PSvita on the other hand, has around 18 games and I have trouble picking what to play, I've platinumed 2 of them and that took me a good 40 hours for each. Much more value for money, and much more enjoyable.
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lovegames718  +   1102d ago
I already made my choice and bought a vita at launch. Games like Lbp vita, Uc Abyss, MvsCap., Unit 13, and others really put the competition to shame and show how vita is in another league.

Games like Kz merc, tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, etc.... are just icing on the cake.
ThatEnglishDude  +   1102d ago
guitarded77  +   1102d ago
I chose the Vita, because it was right for me. Some of my friends chose the 3DS, and most people I know chose neither.
MasterCornholio  +   1102d ago
Same here i choose the Vita because it had the games that i was interested in. The only game that i really wanted to play from the 3DS was Revelations but since its coming to the PS3 i dont need to buy Nintendos handheld in order to play it.
xyxzor  +   1102d ago
This is tough. I think at this point the 3DS is a better buy, however the Vita is close. With some more games, a price cut, and extension of existing features I would say it could take a lead.
xyxzor  +   1102d ago
Give me more disagrees :D.
Y_5150  +   1102d ago
There's a reason for the disagrees.
1. You can find great deals on the PS Vita for $200 or less which is an amazing price for the handheld.
2. Vita has plenty of games, some that you probably will not like but there's at least a few to spark anyone's interest.
3. The PS Vita has a good number of features because of it's apps, I use it as a alarm clock, can watch youtube, skype, FB able and I think Netflix too so it's only going to get better.
the worst  +   1102d ago
vita hands down
age 2 - 12 3ds
G-cis  +   1101d ago
the 3D is for age 7 and older
thecowsaysmoo  +   1102d ago
3ds graphics are better than the vita graphics. 3D proves it.
one2thr  +   1102d ago
Best "lmao" of the day, I had so far!!!...

But no, I disagree with your opinion for obvious reasons.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1102d ago
That's some clever trolling there sir.
tachy0n  +   1102d ago
yeah enjoy your headaches in 3D @ 240p while i enjoy full blown 1080P movies on my PSVita's OLED screen.
kanereev   1102d ago | Spam
lovegames718  +   1102d ago
"age 2 - 12 3ds"

lol hahahah i just love it "the worst"
ninjahunter  +   1102d ago
Eh depends, For some people 3D isnt a big deal, After 5 minutes of gaming on the 3DS i lost interest in the 3D feature even at max depth. And the Vita may not have as big of a library as the 3DS, and people seem to think of this as "has no games at all". The Vita does have more good games than you could probably buy without a full time job, so its pretty much a non issue.
Cocozero  +   1102d ago
3DS since it actually has more than 1 good game
contradictory  +   1102d ago
Persona 4 Golden
Gravity Rush
Disgaea 3 Absence of Justice
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Jet Set Radio
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
Rayman origins
Street Fighter X Tekken
Touch My Katamari
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Unit 13
Wipeout 2048
MGS2 and 3 HD

your argument is invalid.
CommonSenseGamer  +   1102d ago
Nothing in that list appeals to me so from my perspective your argument is invalid. I'm not saying that the games you listed are bad I'm just saying they don't appeal to me.
G20WLY  +   1102d ago
^^Cool story, thanks for sharing your "common sense" with us, we are all now enlightened lol

Since we're sharing meaningless opinions, here's one; nothing in your comment appeals to me, rendering it also invalid :P

Personally, I quite liked the 3DS at first, but after playing a friend's Vita I gave mine to my nephew for his birthday and bought my own Vita, which I prefer. I find it more comfortable to play and like the controls. Also the games feel more like what I play at home, which is a plus for me.
G-cis  +   1101d ago
nothing interst me

jek7  +   1102d ago
right now? 3DS. But when soul sacrifice and Killzone is released. PS VITA hands down!
chadboban  +   1102d ago
Whichever one has the games you want of course.

I thought this was the first thing we thought about when buying new consoles.
Jek_Porkins  +   1102d ago
The thing that worries me about the Vita (aside from the price) is that it is seriously lacking in 3rd party support, and some of the support it is getting is rather lackluster like the Call Of Duty games that I had high hopes for.

If there were a price drop and it looked like third party companies were going to support it well in the future, I'd buy one. As it is, I have a 3DS and I enjoy it very much, I'd love a Vita too, but the price and lack of third party support are troubling. I still have my PSP though, which suits a lot of my handheld gaming needs.
Gr81  +   1102d ago
Question shouldn't even be posed at this point. Vita's been doa since its release, with no signs of improving any time soon. Just calling a spade a spade.

3DS' problem is Nintendo has not appealed to the tastes of the western demographic. Japan it is very healthy, but outside of Japan its mediocre.

In terms of the better what way? Game Gear was technically superior to Gameboy, didn't save the Game Gear from becoming a forgotten handheld. Same for Vita, better tech than 3DS, but that's about it.
twilight_link  +   1102d ago
there are lack of games for 3DS outside of Japan, in case of so called western demographics tastes, if 2nd bestselling game on Vita is absolute garbage known as CoD: Declassified then I'm actually glad it has no appeal for this kind of humanity, the day Nintendo chose this path with their systems, better let them died.
Treian  +   1102d ago
Nethier. Saving money for a lot of ps3 games coming out.
SpinalRemains138  +   1102d ago

One cannot Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2+ on the go w/ a DS.
Kratoscar2008  +   1102d ago
I was going to get a Vita but since ATLUS seems to have become Nintendo pal i will go to the 3DS, something tells me P5 and following SMT games will go there sorry Sony :(
chadboban  +   1102d ago
Well SMT4 is already on lock for 3DS but I think the P5 will either be a Vita or PS3 title. I'm excited as hell for them both though, haven't had a mainline SMT game since Nocturne for the PS2 and the Persona games are amazing. Not to mention I'm very excited to see what SMT x Fire Emblem is gonna be like.
Kratoscar2008  +   1102d ago
Well yeah but ATLUS always goes were the money is, maybe is just me but that Persona tittle hold for 3DS could be P5 considering ATLUS pairing with Nintendo.

Im escited for SMT 4 and the crossover too.
ricaisit  +   1102d ago
Both., So I can play it all. The Ultimate Handheld gaming experience.
#22 (Edited 1102d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Hanso  +   1102d ago
i bought first the vita and some months later a 3dsxl love both but Vita is my favourite :)
3-4-5  +   1102d ago
1.) We buy these for games

2.) Which has more / better quality games ?


3.) 3DS /3DS XL

Vita will be worth purchasing in 2014 once more games are out and the price is dropped by at least $50.
MNGamer-N  +   1102d ago
I own a 3ds, but as a gamer I would like both. I also own a wii u and am looking forward to ps4. Sony + Nintendo = fulfilling all my gaming needs. I will pick up a vita after a price cut
chestnut1122  +   1102d ago
I have Both. Both has their own charm. Ready for Soul Sacrifice and Killzone Mercenary for Vita and Pokemon x and Y and Monster Hunter for 3ds
#26 (Edited 1102d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
josephayal  +   1102d ago
The PS-VITA is not a Handheld, is the ultimate next gen prototype, apps, movies, store, etc etc, the 3DS is one of the best handheld in this generation
xursz  +   1102d ago
Not sure what you said but I like it. You're hired.
o-Sunny-o  +   1102d ago
I already played all the ports that 3DS had to offer(LoZOoT,StarFox64,SSF4,Si ms3,MonsterHunter3,SplinterC3D, and Tales of A). While i chose to play new and current games like Uncharted GA, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, PSallstars, LBPV, AC3 L, Unit 13, Shinobido 2, HotShotGolf, Sound Shapes, Ragnarok Odyssey, CODBOD, and Sly Cooper...more coming this year. PSVita games coming...Soul Sacrifice, Phantasy Star O2, God Eater2, Tales of Hearts R, Bioshock V, Killzone M, Tearaway, and more ports like FF10. What about 3DS? Ok here Monster Hunter 3, Animal Crossing(2 years of waiting), Luigis mansion and Pokemon X/Y 3D(1 year of waiting est.).
g-nome  +   1102d ago
I have both , vita is much better and gets much more playtime than my 3ds. I thought the 3ds was good until I got the vita.
shivkumar123456789  +   1102d ago
Playstation Vita of course.
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