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Wii U Message Hard To Convey Says Ubisoft Studio Head

Laura Parker: 'Xavier Poix, managing director of Ubisoft's Annecy, Montpellier, and Paris studios, has spoken out about the challenges of developing launch titles for next-generation hardware, using Nintendo's Wii U as an example.

Speaking with GameSpot at the annual D.I.C.E. summit in Las Vegas this week, Poix said the Wii U message is hard to convey, something he believes has greatly contributed to the console's slow start in the market.''

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Gekko1962d ago
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Dylila1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

well there isnt much games announced to be coming out soon for the console. i thought nintendos last nintendo direct was a farce because they basically said - " here are some obvious exclusive titles we have in production that we make every year or two, then look at these two other games without release dates. now shut up fanboys and wait til we decide we will release games" fanboys " but we have been waiting for new games". nintendo- " these are new games with two having vague release dates. just continue waiting and buy all the games out now and tell everyone how you are loving the system and how much the graphics and tech are above all other system"

i guess the nintendo fans are back to more waiting like every generation.

this wasnt meant to be harsh but an eye opener to the people who still are blind to nintendos silliness. im only here to educate and open eyes. we can all rejoice together about the future on feb 20th

SonyNGP1962d ago

Here's a pro-tip: If you want to differentiate yourself from your old accounts that either have 1 bubble or are banned, try changing the way you type. It really gives away who you really are, Akuma-. You're not fooling anyone xD

i cant wait for ps4

user39158001962d ago

Well. I was one of those in doubts with the wii-u due to its lack of power compare to the PS4 AND 720, but if rumours are true and MS block used games, the wiiu will take off like a rocket ship. Most people are waiting on games and the next consoles and if sony and ms cut off used games, the wiiu will be king once again cause people will consider the best value. It is a matter of time, rumours ps4 feb 20 will be an indication of wiiu sales, if it drops expectation again they will be in trouble. There is 6 new consoles coming out, but main are sony, xbox and wiiu. Those that are waiting want to see the advantage and ips coming for the console.

stuna11962d ago

People really need to pay attention to what's being conveyed thru the media, developers and, yes the console makers! Why do you think that the World Wide Web has become an intergral part of society today? Plain and simple "INFORMATION"! Companies live and die on the whim of what is distributed online, whether it's true or false.

But on the matters concerning Sony and used games sales, it's highly unlikely that they would institute any form of used game restrictions, for the simple reason it would not only hurt next gen, but this gen as well! Being that the PS3 is still got life in it concerning their 10 year plan.

The Vita is the next piece to that puzzle which is heavily invested into what the PS3 is potentially able to accomplish in the coming years moving foward down the line.

Then we have the next gen PS4, which I can comfortably say will play an even more intergral role in the functionality of the Vita!

I just can't see sony assassinating the growth of one or, potentially all of their hardware on the market! We are already seeing them try to pre-empt Microsoft moves, as far as getting them to reveal information concerning their next gen hardware, but yet they went on record as saying that they were going to wait for microsoft to make the first move.

Now we are hearing about microsoft's next console! How much of the information is accurate is anybody's guess when it comes to Sony and Microsoft, but it has definitely created a buzz permiating the media.

I think the same thing is happening when it comes to the used games debate! One or the other is trying force a move! As far as my thoughts on Sony stance on this issue, I don't see them going down that route, they have more to lose than microsoft.

Irishguy951962d ago

This is the same as every console...every generation. You have to wait for great games to be released. They aren't out within the first month of Release. Or even 1-2 years in most cases.

paul19741962d ago

I presume you are not English or speak English? I have no idea what you are trying to say!

There are many games coming out soon for people to enjoy on Wii U including many on-line from indie developers! how many games can one person play at one time?

Steelmanner1961d ago

I hate to disagree, actually I love too, but I think your claims are a bit "silly" themselves. To start the WiiU has a pretty large selection of games out now and it has only been 3 months. Assassins' Creed III, New Super Mario BrosU, ZombiU, Batman: Arkam City,Super Scribblenauts Ultimate, need I say more? Also, after seeing the amazing games coming in the near future I'm okay with waiting. Everyone remembers waiting for that one perfect game, and everyone will testify, It was worth it, never rush a great game. So sure there is a bit of waiting for the big games to come, like Monster Hunter Ultimate, or the New Xenoblade, but that's every console.Why, can't we just sit back and enjoy the amazing games while waiting for the day we can play the jaw dropping games together.

Also, we all get you love your PS3 and were okay with that, but please stop getting on forums directed for people genuinely interested in the Wii U just to start Conflict. In conclusion, have fun waiting for your PS4 while we play the great games that will come long before your precious new console.

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nikrel1962d ago

Game was too creepy for me, tried the demo.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1961d ago (Edited 1961d ago )

Ha, Ha Count, who looks a lot like a vampire!

We all disagree that the game was too Creepy for you!

Wait, why are we disagreeing with you?

>>PS I pushed agree.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1961d ago

Obviously, I am wrong because I think, that you think that ZombiU is too Creepy for you.

Grimhammer001962d ago

He's not saying anything that's untrue.

But I called this months ago. Ninny been riding on handhelds and nostalgia for far too long! And now 3rd party devs are becoming more vocal than ever about their issues with Ninny.

What's truly shocking is how Ninny thought they could pull the wool over gamers (core) eyes again with a faux-tablet controller!

stragomccloud1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Actually Nintendo developed the hardware in league with what 3rd party devs were asking for. The 3ds it's another example of that kind of collaboration.

Also what are you on about with all that rubbish about Nintendo puling the wool over problems eyes? Last time I checked Nintendo produced some amazing games last gen and look to do the same this gen. If it's not your cup of tea that's fine, gamers have different preference. As an owner of all consoles and a beefy gaming rig, my tastes are quite wide. However, not liking a particular game or genre does not compromise the validity not quality of said game or genre.

Qrphe1961d ago

"Nintendo developed the hardware in league with what 3rd party devs were asking for."

This is what Nintendo says, and what some developers have backed up, but we have no way of knowing how encompassing this truly is. For all we could know this would only apply to the few developers Nintendo asked and that's it.

lovegames7181962d ago

SonyNGP..... Res.

If he is Akuma what does it matter to you? Ppl on here get banned for the dumbest @hit and is the only place where they ban you for sharing your opinion even if your not cursing and call it trolling. Are you a mod? If not you should become one smh.

Root1962d ago

So true

The only thing you should get banned for when making a dup account is if your doing it to boost your other account bubbles or if you are a troll who keeps going to one bubble but keeps making a new account to troll

I mean if you had brothers for example who were gamers how would they create accounts on here aswell....they would get banned because it would be the same IP address

Adamated1962d ago

I don't really see how this is negative. I understand that they could have done a little better about showcasing the Wii U, but this article seems to focus more on the development side and creativity.

Learning new things is always a bit stressful/scary, but eventually people will get the hang of it. Even for the developers (according to the article) it's hard to get used to something this new and different, but it will just help inspire more creativity and hopefully better quality games too!

The same goes for smartglass. It's pretty obvious to see that the 2nd screen is something that is catching on pretty quickly.

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