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Submitted by TimmyShire 1096d ago | news

Gamers Too Focused On 'Violence & Adrenaline' - David Cage

NowGamer: "Say what you like about David Cage, there's no faulting his passion for pushing the games industry forward..." (Beyond, David Cage, Industry, PS3, Xbox 360)

Y_5150  +   1096d ago
So true. I love games like that but I'm also a fan of fun and creative games that doesn't need a gun.

Quite a few people I offered them to play a game like Uncharted, and they wouldn't play it because you have to fire a gun. I thought it was silly that they wouldn't even play it but that's the truth.

Looking forward to Beyond 2 Souls, I played Heavy Rain and kill everyone on my first playthrough.
Rockefellow  +   1096d ago
You literally contradicted any point you were trying to make in that last sentence.
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Y_5150  +   1096d ago
I'm saying the truth. My first playthrough ended like that it's not like I wanted them all dead but that's what my choices were the result of. I think you misunderstood what the last sentence meant.
A2X_  +   1096d ago
Yo that's the truth.
TheGamerDood  +   1096d ago
How about developers quit making those kinds of games start producing something else and maybe you might see a change in trends.
CDzNutts  +   1089d ago
His point was some people will play a game with a gun to fire everywhere, others wont. Some people will play Heavy Rain as a different experience, others wont, cuz there's no shooting.
hiredhelp  +   1096d ago
I love games like that but I'm also a fan of fun and creative games that doesn't need a gun.

I played Heavy Rain and kill everyone on my first playthrough.

hmm see where your comming from thoe, but that sentance all keep seeing your avatar but its cool i get you.
Y_5150  +   1096d ago
Yes my avatar is a picture I took off of the multiplayer of Uncharted 2 and it features a gun. Really I like many kinds of games regardless if it involves a gun or not. Is what I put above was confusing? I was talking about the 4 main characters in Heavy rain and it ended up that way. I was a different experience seeing that the main character dies and the story moves on to the next. I'm looking forward on how the Beyond story would play out.
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sparta76  +   1096d ago
@ Y-5150. Lol I understand what you are trying to say.

To the poeple below Read the article and not just the title.
Walker  +   1096d ago
David talks too much ! Just gimme a release date for beyond !
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PrivateRyan  +   1096d ago
Dailynch  +   1096d ago
I don't know, there are some scenes in Heavy Rain that are pretty violent and designed to get your adrenaline up. Maybe he means specific kinds of violence?
LightofDarkness  +   1096d ago
I think he means "pay attention to me, I perceive myself to be more intellectual and artistic than everyone else and should be adorned thusly."

The guy needs to stop trying to belittle people so much (both consumers and other developers). Let your work speak for you.
Jobesy  +   1096d ago
Cage is like Peter Molyneux but with way more talent. Guys like them can listen to themselves speak all day long. Love Cage's games though.
SlyFamous02  +   1096d ago
"I perceive myself to be more intellectual and artistic than everyone else"

Maybe thats because he mostly is and your comment may just have proven it.
s45gr32  +   1096d ago
Agreed which he would stop that, let his games do the talking not the other way around
miyamoto  +   1096d ago
It was a misleading flame bait article title.
You should have seen that coming.
He did not mean what you've just said, mate.

Where in that article was he belittling other people?

"The games industry offers many games based on violence and adrenaline, which works for a certain audience but there is a huge untapped market of people who are not interested in shooting but would be willing to interact in a meaningful emotional experience."

Which is true.
And he is not disrespecting anyone.

He was just saying that there is a need to make different games for a different set of gamers.

Cooking Mama was very fun will bash him if he made that game?

And Heavy Rain is a game that spoke for him very well.

Look at the misinformation you have done down below.
It is you who should "stop trying to belittle people so much".
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CDzNutts  +   1089d ago
Maybe. But his vision and games are good (as per a general consensus).

Hence, he can talk sh!t.
Merrill  +   1096d ago
Well let us hope that David Cage can pull off a coherent story driven game this time around. Heavy Rain was a mess of plot holes and unanswered questions. I sure hope he hired a writer/writers for this game and not penned it himself..
ShugaCane  +   1096d ago
I'm so looking forward to seeing reviewers bashing Beyond and him saying how dumb and ignorant they are. That man may be very talented, he remains one of the most arrogant figure of the industry.
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RustedMan  +   1096d ago
If David Cage was known for family friendly titles, then his sentiment would make sense. But considering the reality of the game's he's worked on, he's calling the kettle black.
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sway_z  +   1096d ago
Every game 'Cage' has made to date had guns and violence??

You can see 'Cage' wants to make Hollywood movies, but his career is stuck in the games industry....

Still, you can't deny this man has talent...Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy before it were amazing experiences, if not amazing games in the traditional sense of the word.

Roll on Beyond - Two Souls :)
lovegames718  +   1096d ago
Utter stupidity. Games try to mirror and take inspiration from real life. Across the span of history history has shown that humans are indeed an aggressive and violent species (although many are forgiving and caring as well)so mature games having these components is to be expected.

Dont get me wrong i love diff. type of games and shows but i love the run and gun and i love RPG's like Demon souls that are built on weapons and violence (its very cool) but at the same time i sit down and play Ni No Kuni which is a cute JRPG, however with basis on violence and killing familiars lol
MrDead  +   1096d ago
Yet again a title out of context, here’s the full quote.

"The games industry offers many games based on violence and adrenaline, which works for a certain audience but there is a huge untapped market of people who are not interested in shooting but would be willing to interact in a meaningful emotional experience.

Don't jump on the hate train because you couldn't be arsed to look past the title.
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LightofDarkness  +   1096d ago
Here's a better one: let's stop approving hit grabbing titles that quote out-of-context.
MrDead  +   1096d ago
This is N4G you need a rage inducing title to get approved.
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CGI-Quality  +   1096d ago
+1 to you sir. Over 10 posts in before someone actually decides to read past a spun title.
SlyFamous02  +   1096d ago
I just love how you get a disagree for stating fact.
Squall5005  +   1096d ago
Journalists will always put up the most evocative eye-catching headlines to get hits. And nothing works better than an out of context quote. A title like "David Cage talks about the games industry" isn't going to grab much attention.

But it is pretty annoying to read through the comments to see that people obviously haven't bothered to read the full article.
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RustedMan  +   1095d ago
I must admit my previous comment was made without reading the actual article and now, after actually reading it, must I say that I was pretty much on spot. David Cage thinks that his games simply fall into the "emotional experience" category. I'm sorry, but David, but you are also attracting people, like me, who know that the best way to induce palpable tension, is to introduce some life threatening situation, usually involving a gun or melee weapon. If his characters in Heavy Rain had not needed to kill -anyone- in order to complete the game, then I'd say, yet again, that his sentiment would be correct, but because both Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy rely so much on violent actions, as a means to an end, it doesn't make sense.

Yet again, if he were the lead designer on "Journey", a game that evokes similar emotional experiences or a shorter game like "Dear Esther", then yes I would feel like he was making a point, and not being hypocritical.
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isarai  +   1096d ago
It's not so much the gamers as it is the ideal of gamers from publishers. The issue is a few games came out and were really intense to a level that was never possible before so it was something we've never experienced. The success of those games made publishers think that's all we wanted, so that's all they give us, but throw something in that's an interesting change of pace and we pounce on it, the Walking Dead and Minecraft are proof enough of that

Also this title was so taken out of context
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uuaschbaer  +   1096d ago
Why on earth does this man think he invented storytelling in games? That's the dumbest thing I've come across since I heard you can patent geometry. Oh no wait, one of the Final Fantasy devs thinks he invented cutscenes, we have a tie.

New paradigms my deluded arse.
black911  +   1095d ago
Where is Beyond Two Souls News! My most inticapated of 2013.

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