Gamers Too Focused On 'Violence & Adrenaline' - David Cage

NowGamer: "Say what you like about David Cage, there's no faulting his passion for pushing the games industry forward..."

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Y_51501905d ago

So true. I love games like that but I'm also a fan of fun and creative games that doesn't need a gun.

Quite a few people I offered them to play a game like Uncharted, and they wouldn't play it because you have to fire a gun. I thought it was silly that they wouldn't even play it but that's the truth.

Looking forward to Beyond 2 Souls, I played Heavy Rain and kill everyone on my first playthrough.

Rockefellow1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

You literally contradicted any point you were trying to make in that last sentence.

Y_51501905d ago

I'm saying the truth. My first playthrough ended like that it's not like I wanted them all dead but that's what my choices were the result of. I think you misunderstood what the last sentence meant.

A2X_1905d ago

Yo that's the truth.

TheGamerDood1905d ago

How about developers quit making those kinds of games start producing something else and maybe you might see a change in trends.

CDzNutts1898d ago

His point was some people will play a game with a gun to fire everywhere, others wont. Some people will play Heavy Rain as a different experience, others wont, cuz there's no shooting.

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hiredhelp1905d ago

I love games like that but I'm also a fan of fun and creative games that doesn't need a gun.

I played Heavy Rain and kill everyone on my first playthrough.

hmm see where your comming from thoe, but that sentance all keep seeing your avatar but its cool i get you.

Y_51501905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

Yes my avatar is a picture I took off of the multiplayer of Uncharted 2 and it features a gun. Really I like many kinds of games regardless if it involves a gun or not. Is what I put above was confusing? I was talking about the 4 main characters in Heavy rain and it ended up that way. I was a different experience seeing that the main character dies and the story moves on to the next. I'm looking forward on how the Beyond story would play out.

sparta761905d ago

@ Y-5150. Lol I understand what you are trying to say.

To the poeple below Read the article and not just the title.

Walker1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

David talks too much ! Just gimme a release date for beyond !

Dailynch1905d ago

I don't know, there are some scenes in Heavy Rain that are pretty violent and designed to get your adrenaline up. Maybe he means specific kinds of violence?

LightofDarkness1905d ago

I think he means "pay attention to me, I perceive myself to be more intellectual and artistic than everyone else and should be adorned thusly."

The guy needs to stop trying to belittle people so much (both consumers and other developers). Let your work speak for you.

Jobesy1905d ago

Cage is like Peter Molyneux but with way more talent. Guys like them can listen to themselves speak all day long. Love Cage's games though.

SlyFamous021905d ago

"I perceive myself to be more intellectual and artistic than everyone else"

Maybe thats because he mostly is and your comment may just have proven it.

s45gr321905d ago

Agreed which he would stop that, let his games do the talking not the other way around

miyamoto1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

You should have seen that coming.
He did not mean what you've just said, mate.

Where in that article was he belittling other people?

"The games industry offers many games based on violence and adrenaline, which works for a certain audience but there is a huge untapped market of people who are not interested in shooting but would be willing to interact in a meaningful emotional experience."

Which is true.
And he is not disrespecting anyone.

He was just saying that there is a need to make different games for a different set of gamers.

Cooking Mama was very fun will bash him if he made that game?

And Heavy Rain is a game that spoke for him very well.

Look at the misinformation you have done down below.
It is you who should "stop trying to belittle people so much".

CDzNutts1898d ago

Maybe. But his vision and games are good (as per a general consensus).

Hence, he can talk sh!t.

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Merrill1905d ago

Well let us hope that David Cage can pull off a coherent story driven game this time around. Heavy Rain was a mess of plot holes and unanswered questions. I sure hope he hired a writer/writers for this game and not penned it himself..

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