How Next-Gen Consoles Could Lose Ground to PCs

"This topic is a bit of an odd one, because really, PCs are losing a lot of the marketshare that they used to have a stranglehold on for years. When you think about it, what else would you use to browse the internet, check your bank account, read your email and check your Facebook on? " |

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Merrill1899d ago

Never going to happen. You can't play Playstaion exclusives on a PC.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1899d ago

PC has so great exclusives also like rome 2. But I agree sony exclusives are awsome AAA quality!

jacksheen00001899d ago

Agreed, Never going to happen.

To add to that, Dev would make a lot more money off a single games that is spread across many platforms(consoles).

Perhaps that is probably the reason Steam is releasing a console to give PC market the same treatment.

kevnb1899d ago

steam isnt releasing a console though, just an htpc similar to what some other retailers already have on the market.

Jobesy1899d ago

Also no local mp on pc. Never happening, consoles will always rule the living room.

kevnb1899d ago

there isnt much local multiplayer anywhere anymore sadly.

Rivitur1898d ago

It's called LAN and some games have split-screen play that is activated through console.

TreeFiddy1898d ago (Edited 1898d ago )

Never heard of Sony's Gaikai have you? Very well could be playing Playstation exclusives on PC in the future or any device with an internet connection practically for that matter.

dvewlsh1898d ago

Both Microsoft and Sony have their own exclusives that are pretty awesome.

I can see myself wanting both consoles at some point, much like I did with this current generation. Just not sure at launch unless they have some crazy offering to pump out.

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soultecc1899d ago

the only reason i keep my xbox is for fighting games

LOL_WUT1899d ago

Maybe because thats all they buy him?

Home consoles are always going to be around no matter how much the PC crowd hates on them.

soultecc1898d ago

because i love playing fighting games like ssf4, blazblue, umvc 3, mortal kombat and so on. most of them i cant get on pc but i use my pc for all other games

jmc88881899d ago

PC has tons of good exclusives. Unless you own everything; Nintendo, Sony, MS, PC...then you are going to miss out on many good games. PC has more exclusives then all the others combined.

Steam allows you to buy games for dirt cheap. Steam's big picture mode is ok, though I still find it more convenient just to have my PC hooked up to an HDTV normally.

Mid range PC's for the last year or two have already been more powerful than a PS4/720. Won't be long before once again PC's are heads and tails above PS4/720 like now they are versus 360/PS3, yet those systems will have to stick around for another 5 or so years. Could be that way by 2015-2016.

As if facebook is going to be big by the end of this generation. At facebook YOU are the product, you don't own squat, and that info is available to any company or gov't organization that wants to pay them or asks for it.

If someone said check something when 360 launched they would be saying Myspace. So yeah. Worthless facebook.

Psychotica1899d ago

It already has at my house. My wife, son and I all play PC games more than console games even though we have all the consoles. I have traded in almost all of my console games for Steam vouchers at Gamestop. The only thing I plan to buy on the consoles are the sports games I can't get on the PC. I have no interest in buying the next consoles which will already be inferior to the hardware I have in my PC.

Qrphe1899d ago

They won a lot of ground this gen already mainly thanks to Steam (so much for piracy). Only ways I could think of this happening is DRM on both Orbis and Durango but I doubt it.

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