The Witcher 3 is not the last Witcher game, “franchise will continue” – CEO

Earlier we reported that The Witcher 3 could be the last game in the franchise.

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Mariusmssj1960d ago

So this will be conclusion of Geralts story not the Witcher series all together!!!

Psychotica1960d ago

Like anything else, if it makes money it will continue..

LAWSON721959d ago

That maybe true but as long as the game continues to satisfy, why b****?

Eldyraen1960d ago

I wonder if it means Geralt's story will be finished in 3 and they will continue the franchise with a new character (like many RPGs) or if it will simply take Geralt in a new direction after clearing up a few storyarches. I'm not sure which I'd prefer really as Geralt and the existing characters are pretty cool but new blood wouldn't be so bad if they could pull it off.

Roccetarius1960d ago

Well, there is plenty of source material. I don't see why they couldn't do a game with some new blood.

Eldyraen1960d ago

That's what I mean. The setting is pretty heavy in potential so just curious on what they plan to do with/to Geralt in 3 and beyond. I don't want too think too much on what is even beyond 3 though as kind if early to speculate on things before we even see this one really--but hard not to wonder now (after these two articles).

Still, glad there is hope for finding out more about the world and seeing where they'll take it beyond 3. Just such a great setting and CDP has done a great job with the franchise thus far.

pandehz1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

I'd like to see the era during the birth/creation of the Witcher's and the academy etc

Geralt is one strong character no doubt, but another character in the next games leading upto Geralt or his discovery etc would be fitting.

Like Cloud in FF7 being discovered by Zack and also mentoring him. K no more spoilers

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The story is too old to be commented.