GTA V PC Petition crossed 150,000 signatures, No Comment from Rockstar Yet

The popular GTA V PC petition (started by user Mike Julliard) has crossed 150, 000 signatures. This is a clear sign for Rockstar Games that there are large number of GTA V fans that want to see the game released on PC.

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soniqstylz1807d ago

That's funny, 150,000 is more than double how many reported copies they actually sold on PC.

Pandamobile1807d ago

Uh what? GTA IV sold very well on PC, despite being horribly optimized for the first two months of release. Not as well as on PS3 and 360. I'd be amazed if the PC version hasn't hit 2 million sales.

soniqstylz1807d ago

Oops, you're sort of right, I read it wrong, it was 700k.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Man pc gamers are hurting for this. Hope it comes to pc.. But as we have seen Rockstar is a success without pc i.e Red Dead. They sold over 5 million on each platform. I think pc will have a port just a late one.

Pandamobile1807d ago

And I'm guessing you're basing that off of the notoriously inaccurate VGChartz? Those are just retail sales. I'm sure it's sold like 2-3 times that number on Steam.

fr0sty1807d ago

For every one person that bought it, 5 ripped it off... R* would rather let the console versions sell through their peak first, then they may consider putting it out on PC.

Grap1807d ago

and u made that statics from you mom basement.

Hellsvacancy1807d ago

PC crybabies and there petitions

Pandamobile1807d ago

At least most of us know our homonyms :P

profgerbik1807d ago

Trolls who can't tell the difference between their and there.

decrypt1807d ago


At least PC folk have a Spine. Console folk just keep taking it up the hind. Infact when MS and Sony do something to screw themover most of the fanboys actually cheer over it rofl.

2pacalypsenow1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Without Pc's there wouldn't be any video games period. But you wouldn't know that would you . Respect the Pc and its community

torchic1807d ago

without electricity there would be no PCs..

without mining activity there would be no electricity..

without underground processes which convert old plant materials into non-renewable energy sources, there would be nothing to mine..

and so on and so on.

that's not a valid argument

Skips1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

You better respect your electric company! And those miners! And underground processors!



plaZeHD1807d ago

Don't be such a selfish baby. You should be happy if our PC fellows gets Grand Theft Auto 5[hope you PC guys get it].

Norrison1806d ago

It worked for Dark souls, it's not our fault if you console gamers don't care when someone screws you over because you treat your console as a god.

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MrDead1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

Has Rockstar said that there won't be a PC release?

Pandamobile1806d ago

No, they just haven't confirmed it yet.

MrDead1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Then why even petition, I'm sure they want sales and will get them by releasing it on as many platforms as possible.

As for games like RDR I have no doubt that that will get a PC release just before we see the sequel.

black9111807d ago

But yet it will only sell around 10k on PC.

Kran1807d ago

Its like PC gamers think it wont happen. Every main GTA game is on PC. There's no way Rockstar are NOT going to release it on PC, just at a later date

AzaziL1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

This has been happening since GTA III when PC gamers were shocked that they weren't getting GTA but consoles were. Six months later, it was released for PC. Same thing pretty much for every GTA release since.

On a side note, when GTA III released on Windows, it was also released for Xbox which at the time would've been a next-gen console. Won't be surprised if the same were to happen if next-gen consoles are released this year.

Plagasx1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Well it makes me worried now because it's been delayed till September. Hopefull we get a simultaneous launch now.

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