Famitsu sales (1/28 – 2/3)


1: 3DS - 82,255
2: PS3 - 16,346
3: PSP - 13,235
4: WiiU - 11,714
5: PSV - 8,266
6: Wii - 1,868
7: X360 - 530

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o-Sunny-o1957d ago

Scum of the earth...Xbox360

CommonSenseGamer1957d ago

Substitute "fanboy" for Xbox360 and I'll agree.

360 definitely failed in Japan and I can't see why the New Xbox will fare any better.

knifefight1957d ago

Especially if they require an online connection and ban used games. Those two things equal a console's death sentence, ESPECIALLY in Japan.

profgerbik1957d ago

PS Vita slowly picking up in japan. Almost as much as Wii U sales.

G-cis1956d ago

"PS Vita slowly picking up in japan"

you`re joking right?

1957d ago
Tewi-Inaba1957d ago

3DS sold more than every other handheld/console combined...
that's pretty insane...

G-cis1956d ago

it has been like that for months now

nevin11957d ago

only 530 for the Xbox?

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