Game Play Lets You Play Game Boy on Your iPhone 5 (Without Jailbreaking) writes: "Bust out your monochrome party hats, iPhone 5 owners; you can now play Game Boy games without going to the trouble of a jailbreak. Jason Morley just released Game Play, a JavaScript Game Boy emulator for the iPhone 5."

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Rockefellow1656d ago

I'd rather carry an old, bulky Game Boy around in my pocket than be caught with an Apple product.

Shadow Flare1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

If you have a Samsung galaxy note, they might just mistake it for an old, bulky game boy

NameRemoved00171656d ago

The note 2 really isn't that much bigger than the s3... Have you ever seen the 2 next to each other in person? The difference really isn't that much.

DivineAssault 1656d ago

$hits coo but it aint worf it mane

matrixman921656d ago

people still have nonjailbroken iphones?

da_2pacalypse1656d ago

Or you can just use an android phone... And you can use a variety of emulators from N64 to Gameboy and many more...