10 of the Best Game Franchise Mascots

When you hear a game franchise title more often than not a single character will pop into your head. Companies take note of this and create mascots that swiftly become the face of their company and future portfolio.
Ben from BagoGames has gathered some of the most iconic mascots in the world and the franchises to which they belong.

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Ajoyshop1771d ago

Obviously Mario has been wildly successful over the years. You see a new Mario game every other quarter.

Here's to Isaac Clark becoming the best mascot! :P

bentarrant1771d ago

He's well on his way to securing a place amongst the big boys. That visor of his is becoming quite the icon.

MitchConcannon1771d ago

Issac may be out of the running judging by some if the Dead Space 3 reviews.