The next Xbox: Always online, no second-hand games, 50GB Blu-ray discs and new Kinect

Microsoft’s next console will require an Internet connection in order to function, ruling out a second-hand game market for the platform. A new iteration of Xbox Live will be an integral part of Microsoft’s next console, while improved Kinect hardware will also ship alongside the unit.

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dirigiblebill1655d ago

Really hope not. Broadband isn't universal yet, and taking away a customer's rights is a fine way to ensure they stop being a customer.

Irishguy951655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Not taking away rights.

You can sell your disk if you want(your right). The software will not work on multiple systems. Same thing that has been done on PC for...a long long time.

However I agree that it is BS

theBAWSE1655d ago

I don't believe it until its official as this would be a disastrous move by ms

Thrillhouse1655d ago

If it's true, it's still BS.

I can't even lend a copy of a game to a friend without them having to jump through hoops to play it, if they can at all?


Bathyj1655d ago

And I was going to ask to borrow Bonestorm off you.

LackTrue4K1655d ago

Bone storm...? Lol, ok I see what you did there.

AAACE51655d ago

This is waht ms and sony want to do. Both have been pushing for this! Which is another reason im not in a rush for the next gen.

We can bash nintendo all we want but at least they arent trying sh!t like this!

aCasualGamer1655d ago

Not only is it not universal, but imagine how often people get disconnected because their internet providers have screwed up. That would mean a shitload of angry gamers who can't play their offline games.

theBAWSE1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

if Sony do this aswell ps4 can suck eggs....ill buy a wii u and nothing else

Old McGroin1655d ago

"don't believe it until its official as this would be a disastrous move by ms "

Yup, I'll believe the solid facts when the solid facts are presented to me. If this is true then MS can kiss goodbye to my cash anyway.
They can't continue to sell online games at such extortionate prices and then also rule out the possibility of even selling their consoles in retail stores like Gamestop because they would be destroying Gamestop's second hand trade.
I'm already sick of having to pay to play online with Xbox games, if these rumours are true MS are gonna lose a hell of a lot of ground on Sony.

NewMonday1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"Always online" this is so stupid it is hard to believe, insures the 720 fails and fails hard.

Another important bit is the one about coding, Edge reports developers say it is easier for them on the PS4, and Sony wants them to code closer to the metal while MS are strict with the libraries

HITANDRUN1655d ago

The more I think about it, the less I see it happening. MS has 75 M out of those 40m are online, if they were to go online only then they will loose 35m, thats a lot of people and from a business model makes no sense. Blocking used games its a high posibility cause 500 store will be close from gamestop, which also tells me that if no used game then no backward compatibility. Both Sony and ms are on my hot list, if they both block used games, then I guess i will go retro with wiiu, this really makes no sense to me. Executive cant be that dumb, I mean I know they loose money from used game, but they will loose more when people dont buy their consoles.

Funky_Homosapien1655d ago

how are you sure that the activation code doesn't bind to the console thus not allowing you to sell or lend it to your friend? or did i read it wrong please explain...

Funky_Homosapien1655d ago

i thought activation code binds to console thus not letting you sell or lend?

rainslacker1655d ago

Activation codes usually bind to account. Doesn't have to be that way as technology exist to digitally sign the physical disc, but account makes more sense.

xursz1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I can see Microsft ditching xbox live gold and sticking with this always online nonsense.

Yi-Long1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"Bye Bye Microsoft! It's been fun but we've grown apart."

Kurt Russell1655d ago

I've been a more XBOX swayed gamer for the last 2 Generations (not that I don't play and own the others mind you. I can put up with paying for LIVE and the stupid amounts of advertising on my dash board because I really do get a lot of use out of some of its exclusive features (cross game chat is on about 90% of the time I am on)... But I won't be investing in an online only content restricting closed off machine like this article proposes. Hopefully it's just BS rumour, but if it's true... see ya!

EVILDEAD3601655d ago

This is completely false anyways.

But it's fun to see the meltdown when these hilarious rumors get dropped.

Next gen will be completely the same as this one, with both MS and Sony fixing some of the issues that plagued them this gen.

The Used game market will continue, but digital distro will became more of the norm as movies already have.


Nevers1655d ago

I've had a couple auditions for Microsoft and several affiliates in the Seattle area lately where I've been given sides that have this language in it... "Always On, Always Connected".

I'm pretty sure this is going to be a reality... doesn't really excite me at all.

Red_Orange_Juice1655d ago

If lived in example in UK and could in theory buy 30-40 brand new games month then it isnt a big deal. Unfortunately I can afford only ~10 games where I live and used games are crusial the only alternative is PC piracy

pixelsword1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Well XboX, if true, we had a nice run.

I'll Miss Cole and Marcus,

Cortana and Chief,

but I won't buy this if that's what's the future is like.

I don't want to be online all of the time for a single player game, that's just taking away bandwidth from other computers on my network, and I play on my downtime whilst my computers are downloading and stuff.

I really hope this isn't true.

fr0sty1655d ago

CEO Kaz Hirai CEO Kaz Hirai [email protected]

It looks like Microsoft are stealing our ideas again. Our consoles haven't been able to play used XBOX games for years

sobekflakmonkey1655d ago

dont know why people disagreed with you, that's true, there has never been a case in PC gaming's history where you could sell an old game and have someone be able to use 100% of it, other than like...greenmangaming?

But yeah, I doubt microsoft is dumb enough to do that, and I reallllyyyyy doubt they are gonna make it so you have to have an internet connection to use the console, so don't worry Xbox fans, that can't possibly happen.

ThanatosDMC1655d ago

This is going to suck for Gamefly, if true.

AzaziL1655d ago

Just for the "can't borrow a game to a friend" reason alone is why I can't see this happening on consoles and if it did, it would be a career suicide to whoever decided it was a good idea.

Dee_911655d ago

I dont believe for one second that they would make a console that require internet connection.
im calling malarkey

Yi-Long1655d ago

"Just for the "can't borrow a game to a friend" reason alone is why I can't see this happening on consoles and if it did, it would be a career suicide to whoever decided it was a good idea."

Considering the amount of really poor/bad decisions Microsoft has been making these last 3-4 years, it wouldn't surprise me if it turns out to be true...

Gaming1011654d ago

By locking up the software, you're taking away people's rights to resell what they just bought. You didn't just buy a useless disc, you paid 60 bucks for a full experience, however you can only sell a useless disc. BS.

Definitely not buying the next xbox, this leaves Sony wide open with a huge opportunity to allow used games, that alone will be enough to sweep next gen.

gaffyh1654d ago

Not good, three quarters of this title are BAD. Only positive is Bluray discs and no more disc swapping.

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aceitman1655d ago

If true,I will not be getting it.

HammadTheBeast1655d ago

No one should get it, this is basically making yourself a slave to Microsoft. Any other company that does this is also not getting my sale, I'd rather just switch to PC.

sticky doja1655d ago

Maybe next console gen after the Xbox3/PS4 they can get away with requiring always online but they will be alienating WAY to many potential customers who

1) don't have broadband
2) don't have wifi or internet reaching every room where the console might be played

It will not happen but if it did I would also not be getting it out of principle.

abzdine1655d ago

get PS4 with PS+! Free online free games pure awesomeness!