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Talking Point: Why Is The Vita Failing And The 3DS Succeeding? [Game Rumble]

Game Rumble: The Vita is in trouble! No doubt about it. Even though both systems started as "flops", 2013 seems to be just the year for the Nintendo 3DS. This leads me to ask the question, why are there so much success for the 3DS lately and not for the Vita? (3DS, PS Vita)

chestnut1122  +   625d ago
Damn! Enough with these sh!t., A lot of great games was already announced for the Vita. critiscize the system after 2013 will You? We all know Sony support each of their system for a long period of time. So what if the Vita started slow?. There is plenty of time to improve. Ps3 is a very good example.
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Gamer39  +   625d ago
Maybe development costs and time?
3DS simple and cheap= many good games=successful.
Trunkz Jr  +   625d ago
It's all about the games, because if both systems sold the same games but looked better on the Vita, guess which system would be on top?

Just give the Vita some time, it hasn't been out that long and the 3DS took a little time to get a few good games out. I don't own a Vita but if they ever made the FF6 remake for the Vita I would buy it... like I said it's all about the games.
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Gamer39  +   625d ago
I know Vita cool and nice console, but need more AAA games. MH, MGS, FF etc.
SandWitch  +   625d ago
Umm, you can make cheap games for PS VITA too if you want, it's not necessary to make expensive games just because the hardware is capable of such games.
G-cis  +   624d ago
but it will make your games less attractive than the other games on the same platform
g-nome  +   625d ago
THE VITA IS DOING FINE. It is a bit expensive yes , but for those who want the best handheld gaming experience , it is the one to get.
DeeZee  +   625d ago
Poorly written and shallow. Don't waste your time...
imXify  +   625d ago
I don't want to say this again but....the 3DS is like a Honda and the Vita is like a Porsche. Of course the Honda will sell more but the Porsche is better.
gamingmaster2013  +   625d ago
tbh the vita is more like a ferrari
gamingmaster2013  +   625d ago
everybody please downvote this retard
o-Sunny-o  +   625d ago
I sold my 3DS already 4 times..waiting to get it again for some reason(omg I hated 3DS xl). I have Persona 4 over 70 hours in while my Ragnarok and several other games wait for me.

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