Take Two: PS4 And Xbox 720 Game Development Costs To Be Similar To Current Gen Consoles

"Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has revealed in an investor’s call that next generation game development on the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be similar in costs compared to current generation consoles i.e. the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360"

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black9111933d ago

Next Gen hasn't even been announced yet.

PirateThom1933d ago

Doesn't mean developers don't already have dev kits ready to go.

Just because we don't know about it, doesn't mean big developers don't.

Crazyglues1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

"Development Costs To Be Similar To Current Gen Consoles" -This is actually a good thing...

Should mean the games stay at the same price point. hopefully..

I guess you could also read this to mean the Games are designed for high-end PC's and then scaled down to consoles... so even with some new tricks in the new consoles - better memory, better physics's better performance..

-They are still not pass a high-end PC's so you don't need bigger teams to make the games, you just can now do more things..

More people on screen, more online players at the same time, better graphics, bigger explosions and stuff happening at the same time..

I'm sure most of these developers have already designed a version of there game that runs on the next gen developer kits..

(As we get closer to the release of the new consoles I think it's possible we will see games having a dual release, -an Xbox360 and a NextXbox release as well as a PS3 and PS4 release)


Crazyglues1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

-Looks at the Disagrees...Really?

Actually maybe not GTA V because they seem to just be working on getting the game done...

-but games like Battlefield 4 and COD Modern Warfare 4

could both see a dual release, because the BF4 beta is on PS3.. And EA already stated they poured 80 million into the next gen console software..

so why wouldn't they also make a PS4 version as well.. Especially if your going to have a PC version..?

Why do people disagree with that ???

-MD-1933d ago

Games built for next gen consoles have been in the works for well over a year by now. Especially if they plan on launching the consoles this fall.

Spinal1933d ago

The next consoles are not launching in Fall. Not in the UK not in the US.

When have they ever Announced and Released a console in the Same year? It doesn't happen. And it won't happen.

They use the year gap to make sure they got the products in mass production.

tigertron1933d ago

"When have they ever announced and released a console in the same year?"

Uh...2005. 360 announced and released in the same year.

SolidStoner1933d ago


it seems now we know what happens when you rush things up..

Kaiou1933d ago

Oh mi guaad , u r rite , we shod just ignore the news then.

3-4-51932d ago

Yes it has....

Games are already being mad for it.

Are you _____ or just _______ ???

They don't announce a System and then magically games are created right from thin air..

They have to have games to demonstrate to us right ? Who makes those ?

Do you even think before you talk / type ?

aceitman1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

the 360 released the same year it was announced at e3 2005 , here is a video of it at the 9:26 mark.
so if the 360 can release 5 months after e3 sony can do the same 10 months away.

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DeadManMcCarthy1933d ago

I wonder if the next gens will still use discs. discs are very limited, i hope they put them on some type of sd card or something. not a small sd card but big enough so it wont be lost.

JAM_brz1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

sorry man, but doing that will only make the games more expensives. Think about it...

BluRays have 100gb (Am I wrong?) in a dual layer disc. We don't need more space than that.

RevXM1933d ago

I dont think capacity is his concern at all. Read and seeking times is. Wich is why a flash format would be good, but now isnt the time yet. The option to install games should do the trick.
I hope sony chooses ssd as standard on ps4. Games that takes advantage of faster storage will run infinitively more fluid loading and install times would be shortened a lot to. Who doesnt hate 30 minute installs like GT5?

8x or 12x bd speed and a ssd and Ill be damned happy.

Wigriff1933d ago

In addition to what RevXM said, I would be careful about saying "we will never need more space." I remember when my Performa 6200cd came with a 500GB hard drive, and I was like, "How the hell could anyone ever fill up or use 500GB?" I remember when games came on floppy discs. We will eventually need more room. We always do.

JAM is right, though: the whole reason that consoles went to a disc based system – as well as the reason companies like Squaresoft abandoned the N64 – is because discs are infinitely cheaper to produce than cartridges or proprietary media.

RevXM1932d ago

Yeah well we will need more space eventually. But when even ps3 is capable of reading 400+ gigabyte discs I think we would be safe with the ps4 featuring blu-ray. I cant imagine games filling out 400 gb with anything useful the next few years. But heck much can happen i theory.

kneon1933d ago

What's so limiting about discs? Bluray can hold up to 133GB and can reach read speeds over 60MB/s.

But I don't expect a top end drive for next gen, they would be too noisy at those speeds, it will probably be in the 6-8x range which means 27-36 MB/s

ps3_pwns1933d ago

development shouldn't cost more i mean haven't pc gamers been getting games with better graphics and such for their super super high end expensive pc's? So if pc devs can make these games and only charge 50 bucks to sell them on pc then console devs can to.

Gamer391933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Development costs to be similar to current gen consoles=Not huge leap current and next-gen.

rainslacker1933d ago

Looking from an art standpoint, most assets are made in higher quality and then down-sampled both polygon wise and texture resolution wise. In theory this would make the game cheaper to make because less time would have to be spent optimizing art assets. However, given that more polys and bigger textures could be used it means that some games could have more assets which could cause the cost to increase. Most development tends to be a give or take scenario, so it will depend on what the developer wants to focus on.

Gamer391933d ago

Yes its true. Ok, ok, maybe not huge leap, maybe. This simple theory nothing more.

rainslacker1933d ago

I think the leap depends on what your looking for. If your looking for the leap like between the PS1 to PS2, or PS2 to PS3, then no it probably won't be a huge least not early in the gen.

Graphics themselves have gotten rather realistic, although there are often obvious shortcomings even on the best looking games that make it obvious it's rendered. Those kinds of things will still be around, but draw distances, lighting effects, and particle effects should all get better. Other things like better AA and larger, more detailed textures will also improve the graphics, but the leap may not be as extreme as prior generations. We're certainly not going to see details as good as say Avatar or Advent Children. I think higher resolutions and smoother frame rates would be pretty good.

JAM_brz1933d ago

If Take Two say so, I believe... ;-)

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