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Submitted by ryandebraal 1102d ago | opinion piece

Gaming Boredom – What Keeps Us Interested?

You can only run through so many caves in Skyrim or assassinate so many British troops in Assassin’s Creed 3 before you realize that special spark you once had with the game has all but vanished. Your relationship with the game has become stale; you know it all too well.

What does it take to keep gamers engaged in this modern age of gaming? Bag of Games' Niwatorii explores this quandary. (Assassin's Creed III, Culture, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, Industry, PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Wii, Xbox 360)

MkaY  +   1102d ago
I evaluate the worth of a game by considering the fun it brought me and the dollars/hours spent. If a game brings me 60 hours of fun with 60 dollars, that IS a good game.
morkendo23  +   1102d ago
assassin creed,call of duty,battlefield company,elder scroll,skyrim, UNCHARTED,KILLZONE,god OF WAR im bored as HELL with them,same story with different title.
being a old school gamer you seen them all you played them all.gaming will never be the same as the 80's-90's those were good years to be gaming. now days repeats for developer survival= BOREDOM nothing to look forward to new ip's it'll be same crap different title
ho' hum.........
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zerocrossing  +   1101d ago
That's so true haha, looks like there aren't many 80's 90's gamers amongst us.

I agree with you, back then games were constantly evolving and devs were coming up with new and interesting game mechanics and sub genres to keep you interested, and you were genuinely excited to see a sequel because you knew it was going to at least add something new and interesting to the mix, now devs are so afraid of loosing the fanbase most sequels are the same game with a new coat of paint and setting.
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isarai  +   1101d ago
not really, i've played plenty of games that were very short, but very good and well worth the $60. Case and Point was Darksiders 2, beat the game and platinumed it in about 42 hours, yet it was the best bang for my buck i got this gen honestly, found it way more fun and enjoyable than Skyrim IMO to which i have spent about 70hrs in and can't even stand to look at the case anymore(just got boring halfway through that playtime, but i held out hoping it got better but it never did) I value if it was worth it by the experience it provided, and the amount of good content it holds. Journey? payed $15 bucks for it, did it give me 15 hours of gameplay? hell no! but it was one hell of an experience that i would never forget and honestly i would have been fine paying more
MkaY  +   1101d ago
Well yeah of course! Games like Journey are a whole different story. I think "cost-to-fun ratio" applies mainly to today's mainstream titles.
Donnieboi  +   1101d ago
42 hours is not short for a game. $60 for a 6 hour campaign that has no replay value (or at least some multiplayer) is a joke. Not that it has to have multiplayer, but if the campaign is only 6 hours, It needs SOMETHING to keep me going at that price (like a level editor, etc).
ryandebraal  +   1102d ago
It's the classic "cost-to-fun" ratio.

I've played Guild Wars 2 almost 500 hours and I'm not bored with it yet. Bought it for $40 on Gamefly with a coupon code.

Patashnik  +   1102d ago
Except when it comes to F2P MMO's. Hate the think how many hours I've used for Zero money spent - but it doesn't mean their good games!
Mathew9R   1102d ago | Spam
DigitalSmoke  +   1102d ago
New software technology's and original game mechenics, those are what keeps it all interesting.
When i started gameing these things exploded, so much that a second version of games where running on entire different engines.

This generation we get games on the excact same technology, wich is prety lame in comparison.
More of the same story telling, more of the same mediocre explotion physics, and so forth render a game boring.

Physics fresh mechenics and original play mechenics i say!!!

-GametimeUK-  +   1102d ago
I think that DLC, Multiplayer, MMO's and the F2P format have all proven they can keep / regain interest in games. However, I think that games like Minecraft or Little Big Planet should have been mentioned. For me I think these games have by far the most interesting and creative ways to keep players interested. Minecraft is brilliant and gives you utter freedom. Weather you want to express yourself in creative mode or do it all in survival mode, you are given a whole lot of choice and there are always ways to improve your skills and learn new things. Same goes for LBP. This whole play, create, share trend is for me one of the most promising thing in games today and I am in love with it as it gives us such immense replay value.
Donnieboi  +   1102d ago
DLC is one of the causes (of many, but not all) games being shortened (ironically). YES, they DO extend the games, but in essence the games are shorter when u 1st innitially pay $60 at retail. When we buy a $60 game that's been stripped down due to the company withholding content in hopes of reselling it to us again later, then that's why games are like 6 hours. $10 an hour? Hells no!

Games like Elder Scrolls, Borderlands, Persona, Batman, Mgs Peace Walker, Sandbox genre games, etc that offer 60-100+ hour experiences are all I buy....

If the campaign is short, it's multiplayer better be good, not tacked on as an afterthought, and have a supported community to keep from getting stale (like Mgs4 and Uncharted 3 which had campaigns too short and un-replayable for $60, but had strong multiplayer).

But in the end, I want my campaign to be worth the $60, the multiplayer is just the icing.
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isarai  +   1101d ago
Boredom usually happens to me when there's a lack of games that are in the realm of my interest, and i keep holding onto gaming as a hobby in the hopes that a game will come along suiting my tastes and provide me with a great experience. Sadly this doesn't happen too often, but i still get the occasional game about once a year or so that really brings me back to my younger days of gaming in terms of enjoyment and it really reminds me why i fell in love with gaming in the first place. Those few games is why i keep gaming
KrimsonKody  +   1101d ago
Strangely enough, with all the backlog of games that I need to start playing, I'm currently stuck on playing Odin Sphere.
The game is amazing!
I'm so addicted to mixing stuff & grinding, etc. I'm currently @ the final chapters where you fight all the big demons with the 5 characters. & I've clocked in 72hours currently. I think I paid maybe $15-$20 on PSN, but I've ranked in a ton of fun playing this game.

For me, it's a little difficult to rate the funfactor based off the cost to fun ratio. I had enjoyed certain games, like Uncharted & other AAA games, but once I'm done, I'm done. & very few games have me running back for its addictive & enjoyable gameplay.
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uuaschbaer  +   1101d ago
When you meet someone in Hollywood, you get the urge to look behind their backs and see if they extend all the way round, Wodehouse said. In games I get the urge to swing the camera round in front of the main character to see whether it has a face.

Call me 100% correct but I think making the protagonist fallible and capable of feeling emotions might benefit the story.

...Of course, at the cost of alienating players with no self-respect whatsoever, but do all game developers and publishers hold their audience in such ill regard as apparently Square-Enix does the West?
Slayer_xXx  +   1101d ago
My gaming spark got extinguished dis gen, ps2 era of gaming was weyyy more fun 4 me everything jus felt same old to me dis gen wit d exception of titles like MGS4, demon /dark souls, dead space 1 & 2 & i had high hopes 4 were ruined like ff, RE, socom, recent R&C titles SC5 & NGS3 as well, i can't judge gms like halos, gears, forza & fable since im nt a 360 owner bt i loved d 1st halo bac on original xbox.

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