Does Duke Nukem matter any more?

GamingNexus has posted an editorial wondering if Duke Nukem Forever is even worth discussing any more and wonders if gamers will be interested in such a shallow character in a world with games like Bioshock and Call of Duty 4.

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Fishy Fingers3915d ago

Obviously i cant speak for everyone, but hell yeah! I still want a new DN game, ive waited long enough, i think i deserve it!

PS360WII3915d ago

While I think most gamers may have moved on or never heard of Duke I still am very intrested in kickin arse and chewing bubble gum and being all out of gum ;)

decapitator3915d ago

This is DUKE NUKEM, I'd buy it only because of it's badassness. It doesn't have to have a fancy story line or some new innovation that hasn't been done in games yet to be fun dude.

Nostradavis3915d ago

No. The Duke's time has come and gone. Ten years ago he was cutting edge and his sarcasm offered a good change up, but today the world has tons of games with content that pushes the envelope.

Do I think this game will sell (if it ever comes out)? Yes, but I do not believe it will be anywhere on the level of what it would have sold several years ago.


leon763915d ago

Yes of course it matters. I liked all DN games, and I hope they make this one true!

Capt CHAOS3915d ago

Easy tigers.. just having a laugh..
Hell, sure he matters, with a name like that..

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The story is too old to be commented.